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Blogs & Channeled Messages

This page is created and dedicated in service to the Light. It will be used to pass on any relevant information that may assist: in the creation of New Earth, and, in your own healing, purification, transformation, Mastery & Ascension journey.

Updates will occur whenever we receive inspiration from Source/the I AM within.
The messages here are always posted according to Divine Timing & Higher Will, and they 
will be posted only when ready.

If you wish to read ALL of the Channeled Messages here, a fee of only A$2 
per month is now applicable.
For more information & to read the full Ts & C
s, simply click on the 'Access Plans' tab at the top of the page. 

All of our posts here have been divided into the following 2 categories: FREE & Access Plan Only.
The category for each post is now 
clearly displayed (in light green font) right above the title. 

Moving forward, NEW channeled messages/blogs will be set as either: FREE, or Access Plan Only - following guidance from the
 Presence within. For more information about this new change, simply click on the 'News' tab above.

WIX (the website builder that we use) currently does not allow us to leave excerpts for each channeling here. However, they are constantly upgrading their technologies and so we hope this will change one day. 
Until then, excerpts for all NEW (Access Plan Only) channelings, as well as short (FREE) channelings, will continue to be posted on our Facebook/Instagram pages.
A big thank you to everyone who: had supported/is or will be - supporting our sacred work here. We had spent many long hours writing and editing each post here, with love and devotion. We apologise for any wrong spelling, grammatical error, or any other mistake that you may perhaps find here. Rest assured that we will do our best to minimise these mistakes, for a better reading experience. Namaste. 
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