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Liberate Your Soul's Voice & Awaken Your Innate Healing Ability, with Light Language (9 June 2021).

In today's blog, I will be providing a short introduction on Light Language (e.g. what it is, how it works), as well as sharing my experiences of using Light Language with you all.

Most of you here (long-time followers of my work) already knew that I was raised as a Catholic. By the time I was in my mid-teens, I had become very devoted to my faith. My deep love for Yeshua ben Yosef continued to grow, until one day it had reached the phase where I finally decided to become a Catholic nun. Back then I wanted to serve God, Yeshua, and humanity, in this traditional, very religious way.

During that time period, I went to participate in a 3-day Catholic Youth Charismatic Renewal Retreat, located somewhere in the beautiful Victorian countryside. That was when my deep love for the Language of Light was awakened.

During the retreat, beautiful music was often played during mass, and then worship leaders would start singing in tongues (Language of Light is more commonly known in the Christian community as singing in tongues/singing in the Holy Spirit's Language). This then prompted the people attending to follow suit, and almost everyone present was able to easily join in 'the fun', without prior training or learning!

Back then, I was completely new to Light Language. I had zero clue as to exactly what language those people were singing in, and so rather than becoming judgmental, fearful or skeptical, I chose to simply relax, open up my heart and immerse myself in this brand new experience. It was one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life!

The whole experience felt so magical; the songs sounded so beautiful and oftentimes, they brought tears of joy, love and peace, to my eyes. Everyone in the group (there was at least 50 people present in the room) was often toning, singing, chanting, or speaking different 'words' (unintelligible to the human mind), and almost everyone present was doing it simultaneously - all at the same time!

This completely-unrehearsed 'performance' (by a large 'choir' consisting of more than 50 people) somehow managed to produce an amazing & totally divine melody that was beautifully arranged into perfect harmony --> into a magnificent symphony of Divine Light, Joy, Peace, Love and Healing.

A song that was masterfully made by the Great I AM Presence of everyone who was present in the room.

And then, long before this retreat came to an end, my own Light Language ability was very naturally activated. It happened during one of the group singing events. Everyone else was singing, and I naturally opened my mouth to join in the symphony of Light.

Funnily enough I didn't ask for this ability; during the retreat I didn't exactly pray/ask for a Light Language activation. The deep love that I had felt for it, had naturally sparked: a powerful remembrance or, an activation of a 'seed memory' within me, about how to speak, sing, write or draw in Light Language.

As soon as I got home, something even more amazing happened to me. For a few days following that weekend retreat, my hands often moved by themselves (in a very similar manner to automatic writing) to: scribble, doodle, draw, or write in Light Language. Back then my ability to decipher, decode or translate Light Language had not been awakened, and so once again I entered a deeply-unfamiliar territory, where I truly had zero understanding of what was happening, why it was happening, or what I was drawing/writing. No one in my family was able to help me/to stop the entire 'dramatic episodes' from happening.

After many sheets of paper later, this overwhelming impulse (that was often followed by heat, shivers, shakes and the occasional headaches) suddenly just stopped. I remember feeling quite exhausted and yet, strangely happy or exhilarated at the same time.

There was a strong feeling that 'everything' was finally as it should be - within myself.

Only after 20 years had passed by, I finally came to understand that the entire 'wild' episode was in fact a powerful energetic attunement process. I realized that back then, my entire energy body was being prepared/attuned to the Higher Vibrations, so that it could become a vessel, or a channel for Spirit.

And that was how my spiritual awakening and training - to become a channel for the Divine - first began.

Light Language is the innate, natural language of the Heart and of the Soul.

In its core, Language of Light is very complex, as well as deeply and richly layered.

It is the Language of Divine Love, expressed through a variety of different ways: spoken, sung, danced, signed, drawn, hummed, written, etc.

Whenever someone is channeling a transmission, she/he is in fact speaking, or writing, in Light Language. For example, every single one of the channeled messages posted on this website is in fact, a type of Light Language transmission. Those channeled messages are the ''less-than-pure'' form of Light Language.

And why were they 'less-than-pure'? It is because the human language was used to transmit/transfer the high-vibrational, Light-Coded information embedded within its content. Channeled messages written in the human language can be easily: distorted, misinterpreted, mistranslated, misread, misunderstood, or misconstrued, by the receivers of these messages (this will depend on their spiritual awakening level or, their Light Quotient Level - at the time of receiving/reading these messages).

For example, whenever the word ''LOVE'' was used in a channeled message, the Higher Beings who transmitted the messages, would always use this word to express Divine, Pure Unconditional Love.

However, this single word can (unfortunately): mean many things, or, be interpreted in many different ways, by different readers. For example, to one reader this word might truly represent unconditional love. To a different reader, it might mean loving the people in his/her life as long as these people kept making him/her happy (i.e. the existence of a 3D programming within, that basically stated 'love had to be earned'). To other readers, it might represent the pain, heartbreak, betrayal, rejection or suffering that love/relationships had so far brought into their lives. To yet another group of readers, it might also mean the heavy 'burden' or sacrifices that they have to make in order to: meet people's expectations, or, have love/continue receiving love, in their lives.

In other words, the vibration of the word 'LOVE' on planet Earth has been energetically 'polluted' by the many 3D-based, individual/collective experiences that mankind had collected, throughout the fabric of time.

And this is precisely why Light Language is a powerful tool of healing and transformation for humanity.

Light Language bypasses the above limitation, by using 'words' that cannot be understood/deciphered by the human brain.

This bypass allows for the Pure, Light-Coded information, to be transferred from the Non-Physical to the Physical realm, through its vessel/channel (the person channeling/transmitting the coded information), in its entirety.

The Pure, Perfect and 'Unpolluted' Transmission of Light will not be constrained by the vibrational limitations of the human language. And due to this purity, our energy body will then experience an accelerated 'healing' process; transforming us from the inside out - provided that we continue to offer zero, inner/outer resistance to the Light Codes, or, to this healing process.

And since Light Language is the language of the heart - the heart is the emotional/feeling centre of our energy body - thus it can only be felt by the individuals listening to it.

If one's heart chakra is completely closed off, or only minimally open, one may not be able to fully receive nor enjoy the benefits a Light Language transmission may bring - because of the existence of this individual's inner mechanism that naturally 'rejects' anything that requires the heart's active participation, in any activity.

Moreover, because mankind can not consciously/mentally understand a Light Language Transmission, and as such, Light Language can not do any harm to the people listening to it (due to Free Will).

This absence of conscious understanding of Light Language within the receivers' mind, also means that deception cannot exist.

Our Higher Self is always perfectly in charge of: the making process, as well as the outcome of each Light Language Transmission.

The energy of Divine Unconditional Love will, naturally, be harmless to an individual. Divine Love will always support, restore, heal, nourish the individual, or, create anything that the individual so desires.

A Light Language Transmission can be visually seen as a highly-intricate piece of Sacred Geometry, by anyone who possesses a fully-activated third eye chakra. Each Light-Coded Transmission will have a unique geometric shape to it, that had been created by the Divine I AM Presence of every individual who feels attracted/drawn to the transmission.

This geometric shape itself is the 'vessel/container' of high vibrational information; a vessel that had been imbued or encoded with pure and perfect Divine Light/Love or, Love/Light Codes. These Codes are the Divine Masculine and/or Divine Feminine Light Codes necessary to bring about a powerful, inner transformation in an individual --> a transformation that will be aligned with the intentions/goals set for that specific transmission.

To understand how Light Language works, let us now compare our entire energy body to a PC/laptop.

Our laptop is made up of several different components:

1) Hardware (everything that we can touch) --> this represents our entire physical body.

2) Software (every application installed within a laptop) --> this represents major parts/organs within the body, that are not visible to the naked eye.

3) Operating System (OS) Language --> this represents our entire consciousness, or, the inner programming that has been set in place - i.e. the mindset that we automatically operate from (for most of the time).

An individual who operates from 3D consciousness (that is based on fear, chaos, lack/scarcity, pain/suffering, limitation and separation programming) will have a very different 'hardware', in comparison to an individual who operates from 5D consciousness (that is based on love, peace, harmony, abundance, joy, freedom, and unity programming).

The Divine Law of ONE states that:


This law is the mathematical and geometrical formula that forms the basis; the foundation of everything that had ever been created in the Universe.

So it should then come as no surprise to you, that 'a laptop' that is programmed with the 3D OS will be highly limited in its functions/capabilities, and it will most definitely have an expiry date.

In other words, this 'laptop' (because of its low-vibrational, OS Language) is destined to expire one day, due to limiting factors such as: old age, the so-called 'natural' deterioration, neglect, any type of abuse, accidental damage, slow speed, lack of upgrades, lack of care/love, lack of service/maintenance, or, the presence of various viruses (imbalances) that over time causes the laptop to stop working altogether.

Compare the above laptop with a different one that has a 5D OS. A computer with a 5D Operating System runs from a high-vibrational programming language that states: "Anything is possible through the I AM That I AM". When we have disciplined/conditioned our energy body so that it runs on a 5D OS, we liberate ourselves from all: limitations, programming, or energetic 'shackles', that used to slow down, or stop the natural cellular rejuvenation process that our body possesses (to sustain a physical life on Earth).

A laptop that has a 5D OS also follows the Original, Divine Blueprint as designed by its Creator. The Divine Blueprint for the human body is one of Divine Perfection - our physical body was designed to last forever.

The Divine I AM Presence of every ascending individual on Earth is now working hard to change the Operating System from which our lives automatically run on. And Light Language is a powerful healing and transformation tool that the Spiritual Hierarchy often uses, to accelerate or lovingly support mankind's major energetic upgrade.

The ''upgrade'' that is currently happening to our hardware, software and OS - i.e. the entirety of our consciousness/energy body - from 3D to 5D can be: smooth and steady, or, slow and/or painful (with plenty of frequent stops). It will depend entirely on each individual's current state of being (physical, mental or emotional), and, the current level of their: cooperation, willingness, devotion, attitude, and inner resistance to change.

We can all create a Light Language Transmission for any goal, purpose, experience that we would love to have, in life. The transmission will then 'contain' the necessary energy upgrades, i.e. the energetic or vibrational information required for our energy body/our consciousness to change --> in order to align us with our sacred: personal, professional, or spiritual goals.

A Light Language Transmission will act in much the same manner as our vitamin pills/supplements.

Whenever our physical body is deficient in vitamin A, B, or C, we have two choices. We can either: have more food/drinks that can address this deficiency in general, or, we can obtain the necessary vitamins directly from various supplements (provided that we know, e.g. from a blood test, exactly what our body needs).

And in much the same way, a Light Language Transmission is a transmission of specific intent, that targets a certain 'energetic deficiency' within our energy body/consciousness that has (thus far) prevented us from physically manifesting our goals/dreams, e.g. having a healthy body, or, enjoying financial freedom.

Let us now use the following scenario as an example:

There was once a man in his late thirties who had developed a serious heart disease. His doctor had advised that an open heart surgery was necessary, in order for him to live a healthier, longer life in the future. After this man had undergone the heart surgery, how successful his surgery was; how many more years he would get to live afterwards; how fast his recuperation period was - would highly depend on the following factors:

  • His attitude, endurance or stamina level.

  • His cooperation/collaboration level to work towards healing his heart (i.e. the doctor/the healer can only do so much, if the patient's/client's inner resistance, pessimistic attitude, or existing fears are stronger than his desire/goal, then these may slow down the healing process, or reduce the probability of a positive outcome).

  • And lastly, whether or not the root cause(s) of his heart condition had been addressed. A human being is very complex and multidimensional in nature. Whenever someone was suffering from a serious/chronic illness, there was a high probability that it might have been caused by a combination of different reasons.

In the above scenario, let's just say that this man had gone through a painful divorce a few years ago, and had suffered from a traumatic childhood (that had remained unhealed within). Furthermore, because we are living in an Ascension lifetime, some past lives issues might have been 'activated' or triggered within this man (by his Higher Self), in order to balance karmic debts; purify and balance his energy body, so that one day, he can embody his Divine I AM Presence fully.

These activations might have further 'stressed' or, caused greater inflammation within his physical, emotional, or mental body, and if these past life issues were not quickly addressed/transmuted into Higher Light, they might slow down, hinder or completely block the healing process as well. Furthermore, this man's financial problems had also added to the stresses on his mind and heart.

And then one day, after many twists or turns, this man had an 'accidental' encounter with Light Language. This encounter soon inspired him to obtain, or, to create a Light Language Transmission for himself, that will be laser-focused on helping him to heal his heart and experience better health overall.

At the first listening, the transmission would perhaps assist to partially/fully eliminate all past lives' traumas, that had caused his heart so much pain back then. A Light Language Transmission is multidimensional in nature, and so, it operates 'outside' the 3D boundaries of Time and Space.

At the second listening, the transmission would perhaps assist in eliminating any self-love, self-hatred, or trust/faith issues he might have within --> issues that (if not addressed/healed/transmuted into Higher Light) will hinder, slow down, or stop the healing process.

At the third listening, the Light Language transmission would perhaps assist in healing his broken heart, caused by the failures or disappointments coming from different types of relationships in this lifetime (e.g. his recent divorce).

Every subsequent listening of the same transmission, will work to 'peel another layer' (similar to the process of peeling an onion, for us to get to its core; to the root causes of any health condition), and this peeling process signifies the healing journey that an individual has to 'systematically' work through, in order to get closer to his desired goal of perfect health.

And because of this man's circumstances (i.e. the variety of different root causes that had caused the heart condition), he might have to listen to a number of different Light Language transmissions, in order to (one day) reach the place of complete healing --> whereby all of his issues/blockages/barriers to perfect health are successfully addressed and eliminated.

For example, out of the 7 transmissions that I had created recently, (to help humanity with their healing, purification, mastery and Ascension journey) this man would probably have to listen to at least 5 of them: Financial Freedom, Experience Divine Love, Mastery of Divine Love, Mastery of Divine Peace, and, the Divine Blueprint Restoration Transmissions. And each one of these transmissions would need to be listened to, more than once, until the day finally arrives when this man successfully comes into perfect and complete vibrational alignment with his healing goals - within his inner world.

Alternatively, he can choose to listen to a custom-made transmission that not only it will contain all five of the necessary transmissions, but also will be completely focused on his unique needs (based on his Soul History, or Life History).

This man's Higher Self will be the Creator, and Facilitator, of the Light Language Transmission.

During the transmission's creation process, as well as, during the entire healing process.

At each listening, this man would only receive the Light Codes needed on that specific day, and, only as much as his body could handle.

Too much too soon (e.g. frequent listening of any Light Language Transmission like maybe once a day, or several times a day) has the potential to create temporary adverse side effects (that may last usually only for a short period of time), until the energy body has had ample time to integrate the new Light Codes embedded within him, coming from all previous listening(s).

Examples of these side effects/symptoms: exhaustion, dizziness, massive thirst, runny nose, headache, sore throat, fever. Your body might even ask you to relax, recuperate, stay at home and sleep often, usually for around 24 hours. It is better for you to not do anything physically, mentally or emotionally strenuous during that time. This is the equivalent of a full system upgrade, reset, or shutdown, so that when 'the system' is back on, it will run on higher vibrations.

Please remember to always follow the guidance coming from your Higher Self, about how often, when, and how long you should listen to any Light Language transmission. And also to find out whether or not, a specific transmission is suitable for you.

And in time, following the ''as within, so without" golden rule mentioned earlier -> because of the higher vibrational energetic environment that his entire energy body has now become (after having listened to those transmissions for a short/a long period of time - depending on each individual's needs), this man will then experience a rapid acceleration of his healing process due to the absence of: inner blockages, barriers, or, any previous resistance to perfect health.

By that time, the Language of Divine Unconditional Love will have completely saturated this man's entire energy body with the Light Codes/Higher Vibrational Information required to bring about complete healing and perfect health.

And there you go. I have now briefly explained why Light Language is such a powerful and highly-dynamic 'energy healing' modality, that is perfectly suited for any Ascending individuals.

If you have never tried it before, you may wish to keep an open mind & heart, and release all skepticism, fears, worries or doubts that may hinder this process of the healing/lifting of your vibrations.

It is also important to let go of other inner barriers such as: the feeling that those transmissions sounded so weird, or, that nothing much was happening during/after the first listening.

People who are not sensitive to Source Energy may not be able to instantly feel the energetic after-effects of a Light Language Transmission (during and after a listening session).

However, please bear in mind, that just because you may not feel anything, does not automatically mean that the transmissions are: not doing their job/not creating the inner transformation needed to manifest your goals. One day when your energetic sensitivity has naturally risen to higher levels, you will be able to feel for yourself, the intensity of a Light Language Transmission.

On the other hand, people who are highly empathic/intuitive, will be able to feel the intense and healing after-effects of a Light Language Transmission, because their physical bodies will often be: moving around wildly; shaking, or too warm/hot, as soon as the Light Codes 'hit' their chakras/any part of their lower bodies. And then by the end of each transmission, these people will always intuitively know that a powerful transformation had just occurred, somewhere deep within their inner-being.

Remember dear friends, that patience and perseverance is almost always needed, by every healee/receiver of a Light Language Transmission.

It is time for us to fully surrender, and place our entire trust, love and faith in the Mighty, Divine I AM Presence, so that we can experience the fullness and, the magic that physical life on an Ascending planet can bring!

With love and light,

Adele Arini (and her Divine Higher Self).

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.


Please note:

You can now learn Light Language through our self-paced, e-Learning course.

Simply click on the 'Services' tab on top of this page, and select 'Courses' for more information.

Having the ability to create your own Light Language Transmissions will open up the door to the complete elimination/healing of anything within your consciousness that used to 'dim your Light' before.

The shadow-work phase that all embodied souls must go through to successfully ascend, will then be accelerated and completed sooner - thus allowing you to focus on creating a magical life instead!

If you have any questions about this Light Language e-course, simply click the 'Contact us' tab.



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