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A PROLOGUE to ''In God We Trust" ~ by Adele Arini & her Higher Self (26/1/2022).

Hi everyone,

After having experienced quite an intense, transformational year in 2021, it has become really clear to me that the next step any devoted chela needs to take - to experience the complete Freedom of Self (that the Ascension process naturally brings) - involves clearing, purging, or releasing ALL lower programming, belief systems, all habits/patterns of behaviors that indicate the presence of: lack of trust/faith within ourselves.

The clearing of all trust and faith issues from within the individual & collective consciousness is a very important part of our Ascension journey.

This is an inevitable phase, for individuals who deeply desire to:

- 'graduate' to 5D,

- attain a high level of spiritual/life mastery,

- experience the Complete Freedom of Self, or,

- create a physical reality whereby you can easily and consistently experience just how powerful & magical you truly are.

You can find below a quiz that I have been guided to prepare, for the purpose of self-introspection.

This quiz consists of approximately 17 questions that you might want to ask yourself.

If you wish to participate in this quiz, then all you have to do next, is to give yourself an honest answer to these questions.

These questions may help you to discover the overall level of trust and/or faith that you have attained right now, in your consciousness.

For each question listed below, simply give yourself a score between: 0 - 10.

The score that you select will indicate the level of trust and faith that you currently have, for each question.

Simply go with your gut instincts about what score to give yourself, for every single one of these 17 highlighted questions.

For example, give yourself a '0' whenever you feel that you have zero, or, very little trust for the relevant situation/people/group(s) in question.

Give yourself a '5' if your answer is 50:50, i.e. sometimes you trust/have faith in them, and at other times, you don't. It will depend on the people, and/or, the issue(s) at hand.

And give yourself a '10', if you have unshakable, very high, or perfect level of trust for the relevant people/group(s) in question.

At the end of this quiz, when you have finished answering all 17 questions, simply add up all of your scores. The perfect score will be: 170 (17 x 10).

For example:

If your score happens to be anywhere between 153 to 170, this will then indicate a very high level of trust and faith in: yourself, God/Higher Self/Source/Universe, and/or, in the people/world around you.

You can also calculate your score into a percentage, e.g. if your score is 153, then simply divide 153 by 170, and then multiply the result by 100 = 90%.

You might want to then interpret this score as either:

a) you have attained a strong trust/faith level, at least 90% of the time, or,

b) your current trust/faith level is: 90% out of 100% - overall.

And please remember, that no matter the score that you get for this quiz, all is well!

Simply ask your Higher Self & Spirit team to assist you in expanding your understanding; expanding your capacity to express and receive Divine Love all the more fully.

It is important to know, understand and accept exactly where we are right now (with our overall vibrations/consciousness re: trust/faith) so that we can then 'set sail' and move forward in our Mastery & Ascension journey - to reach the destination of our dreams.

This process is akin to using 'Google Map' to help you plan your trip to any location you want.

How can we set course to our desired destinations, if we have no idea where we are?

If used earnestly, this quiz will be like a journey that we are about to embark on; a trip that will take us to a high level of trust and faith: in ourselves, in the people/world around us, and, in God/Source/the Universe/our Higher Self.

Let us begin.


Q1) How much do you trust the people in your life right now, e.g. your spouses/significant others, friends, children, parents, siblings, cousins, business partners, employers/employees, work colleagues, clients, suppliers, etc.?

And if you & your loved ones were to play a simple 'Trust Game' right now, what do you think will be the outcome? Will this game demonstrate a high level of trust that you have towards those people, or, will it demonstrate the opposite?

How to play the 'Trust Game':

Choose a suitable & safe location, and pick a partner (it is best to do this in pairs).

One person will choose to be blindfolded and play the role of a blind person, whilst the other person will choose to play the role of: the blind person's guide.

Select an ideal destination for this exercise.

The one playing the role of a blind man should start by turning around & around on the spot for just a few times - until he has managed to lose all sense of direction.

The person playing the role of a guide will then start this game of trust, by giving detailed verbal instructions to the blind man.

Both the blind man & his guide should start walking towards their selected destination.

As much as possible, the person playing the role of a guide will only use words to give directions.

To make this exercise more interesting, the guide should do his best to resist the temptation to hold the blind man's arms/hands. Walking together whilst holding each other's arms/hands may not be challenging enough, and may even defeat the purpose of this particular trust exercise.

Throughout this exercise, the guide should do his/her best, to make sure that the person playing the role of a blind man remains safe from all: harm, obstacles, barriers, or injuries.

People playing the role of a guide should strive to communicate with their game partners in a 5D manner (e.g. loving, patient, kind, compassionate and understanding) that inspires deep trust - making this game really meaningful and even enjoyable.

Unless of course, if both players had happily agreed in advance, on the guide playing a less-communicative role during this game. Just for the sake of experiencing the contrast (i.e. contrast that happens whenever a person experiences an unwanted/unpleasant situation that life sometimes throws onto his/her path).

And then, when you have both reached your selected destination, simply swap roles.

After the game has ended, the two of you might want to have a discussion about what you were both feeling, whilst playing these two polar-opposite roles.

You might want to start the discussion by asking yourselves the following question:

Can you imagine/visualize yourself doing this trust exercise (especially as the blind person) with a complete stranger, or, with someone you know but unfortunately this person had proven in the past that he/she could not be trusted?

And then, as the blind-folded person:

- Was it a very scary experience for you, i.e. having to muster up the courage to surrender & completely trust your game partner?

- Has your guide worked hard to make you feel safe?

- Was there a time when you were feeling afraid/anxious/vulnerable - if so, was it just at the beginning, or, throughout the whole exercise?

- Did you trust your guide's words explicitly, for the entire journey from point A (the starting point) to point B (the destination)?

- Did you ever give your guide a hard time, e.g. by often displaying a mean/unfriendly/distrustful attitude?

- Was your trust and faith in your guide ever tested during this exercise?

- Did you ever feel like giving up/stopping the game halfway because being/playing the role of, a blind person was way too hard?

- Did anything negative happen during the exercise? e.g. you falling over & accidentally injuring yourself.

If yes, were you able to forgive your partner easily?

- And lastly, will you be willing to do the same exercise again, with the same person who had broken your trust/who had not been a good guide, the first time around?

- Would you feel like giving this person a second chance, or, would you prefer to take your chances with a new partner/guide?

And next, as the guide:

- Did you feel as though you had done: your best/a good job, in guiding your blindfolded partner?

- Did you put your partner through 'hell' throughout this game, or, were you able to put yourself in their shoes?

- Did you make a commitment to always communicate with each other in a 5D manner, from start to finish, no matter the challenges that you both had faced during this short/long journey?

Please remember that to the blind person, you are their whole world.

You are the main support that they could lean on - throughout the entire journey.

A simple walk from point A to point B (simple only for those who are not visually-impaired) can often be a scary journey, for those who cannot see.

- And lastly, did you ever do/say anything that: broke your partner's trust in you, or, potentially caused a rift in your relationship?

e.g. by giving your partner wrong/non-detailed/inaccurate instructions; by being distracted/not giving the task your full attention; by rushing your partner (being impatient); by not being wholly committed in the game; by often criticizing your partner; by deceiving/lying to your partner; by being fickle-minded; by not being a man/woman of your word; by not being communicative enough, etc.

If so, did you apologize and then do everything in your power to: right your wrong, learn from your mistakes, and/or rebuild your game partner's trust in you?

Or, did you remain steadfast in the belief that you had done the best you could (under the circumstances), and hence, you did nothing wrong?

Q2) How much trust do you have for: your state and/or federal governments, or, the people who occupied high positions of leadership across a variety of different organizations?

Do you trust or believe that the decisions these people/groups had made (on behalf of the collective that they were in charge of) were for the higher good of all, every single time?

Q3) Do you completely trust the news that had been reported in mainstream media?

For example, do you believe in the severity of COVID-19 pandemic; in what we had often seen in the news?

How much of it all was the truth, and how much was actually exaggerated (e.g. to serve any hidden/fear-mongering/let's-weaken-the-economy agendas), perhaps so that a lot of people would not fail to understand that in the past, or present, their overall well-being (health/financial) had always been contingent upon what the governments (or, the groups of people in power) had allowed them to have?

Q4) And if we were to obey all the rules that people/business owners/companies/organizations/the governments had instructed us to do (e.g. by following the constantly-changing restrictions, by showing our vaccination certificate, or, by having not 1, or 2, but 3+ COVID vaccinations in order to have a greater freedom of movement in our lives), do you believe that obeying them will be for the Higher Good of yourself, and, ALL involved?

Or, did you think that it was only for the good of a small group of people who seemed to be enjoying the power, and/or, experiencing the booming prosperity that a pandemic had given them?

e.g. those in public service, pharmaceutical, or online entertainment sectors.

As spiritually-awake individuals, by giving in to their demands (e.g by having the required number of jabs), are we in fact energetically-supporting our governments' fear-based, power & control approach to the pandemic problem?

And thus they might never see the error of their ways & would probably continue to use similar tactics (e.g. intimidating/scaring/punishing/discriminating their citizens), to achieve other future objectives?

Q5) How much do you trust in the work of scientists who had created these vaccines?

Do you believe that these vaccines: are completely safe (without any harmful ingredients/side effects), and, have the power to keep you healthy/immune to COVID19 - after taking them as recommended?

And as spiritually-awake individuals with 'Ascension to 5D' as your sacred goal, have you ever wondered if these vaccines had been created partly to: slow down, or, stop humanity's Ascension process?

Have you ever considered the possibility that, maybe, the 'forces of the dark' had made financial deals with many governments across the planet, to distribute these vaccines, in an effort to 'win the game' and stop us from experiencing the full Freedom of Self?

Do you really think that Father/Mother God, and numerous, powerful Light Beings/Cosmic Beings (e.g. members of the Ascended Masters Collective, who are the leaders/overseers of the 'Earth & Humanity's Ascension Project') will even allow these vaccines to be manufactured, let alone be so widely distributed & used on millions of people globally, if these vaccines truly have the power to slow down/stop our spiritual awakening/Ascension journey?

Q6) How much did you trust in the: advice/information/quality of work, coming from a variety of different professionals who had entered your life in the recent past?

e.g. people in the following professions (and all other professions not mentioned here): your financial advisors, accountants, bankers, realtors, lawyers or solicitors, teachers, hairdressers, doctors/surgeons, builders, architects, authors, religious/spiritual leaders, news presenters, actors/actresses, tarot readers, politicians, energy healers, or channelers (such as myself)?

And depending on your answer, what was it about them/their work ethics/the quality of their work(s), that had either: earned your trust, or done the opposite?

Do you feel that right now, you have attained the ability to discern between: purest/highest truth, partial truth, subjective truth, misleading information, complete fiction, incorrect/incomplete information, or, mistranslated transmissions of light?

(FYI generally-speaking, a 'Transmission of Light' is any creative endeavor that had ever been produced by the human collective, e.g. books such as the bible, songs, channeled messages, newspaper articles, paintings, movies, tv dramas, etc.)

Do you feel that by now, you can successfully discern between those who are meant to assist you on your path (somehow/someway), and, those who are not?

Let's use the following as an example:

There might be people here who had (in the past) received an energy healing treatment from a Reiki healer. Back then, did you believe that the energy healer(s) you had received assistance from, had in fact assisted you/your loved ones with improving your/their health conditions in some way, even when all evidences were indicating otherwise?

You might be interested to do your research on 'healing crisis after a Reiki treatment' for more information. It is a widely-known fact to all energy healers, that an energy treatment can actually trigger a healing crisis (especially in people with chronic conditions).

A healing crisis usually occurs whenever the unwanted symptoms seem to have worsened, after a single treatment (or a series of treatments). The term 'a healing crisis' is not used only in the energy healing field. It can also appear in people who have undergone an intense health treatment from conventional western medicine as well (e.g. chemotherapy, etc.).

And whenever the person receiving treatment did not: understand/believe/trust that a healing crisis was actually proof that a deeper healing was in fact taking place, this might then lead them to question the effectiveness of said healing treatment.

Doubts, distrust, fears, worries, and/or the intensifying pain/exhaustion that showed up, might have caused them to lose hope that they would (one day) experience the physical manifestation of their desire: well-being.

Let's move on to the next question.

Do you believe that the professionals listed above (e.g. your realtors, financial advisors, doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.), will always have your best interests at heart?

What if one day there is a conflict of interest (between what is best for you Vs. what is best for them), do you believe without a sliver of doubt that these people will prioritize your needs over theirs and/or make a decision that will be for the higher good of everyone involved?

For example:

- Will your financial advisors assist you in choosing less-risky investment products (even if this actually means less profits/income for them) to make sure that your money will be safer in the long run?

- Will the surgeons looking after your health/your loved ones' health, choose to perform risky surgeries (e.g. to increase their surgical income) even when there is only a small chance of success?

Do you trust them enough to put your life, or the lives of your loved ones, under their scalpels/in their capable hands?

Q7) How often did you have the belief that the people around you were telling THE TRUTH?

''I swear that I shall tell only the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God."

Do you think that after making such a public commitment in court to tell only the truth, a witness would/could blatantly tell lies in their sworn testimony (especially if they thought they could get away with it)?

And the reverse is equally as important:

Do you speak THE TRUTH (to yourself & to the people around you): all of the time (especially whenever: it was difficult to share the truth/you were under any type of pressure), most of the time, or, only some of the time?

Will your decision to speak your truth, or the truth, highly depend on the topic?

e.g. you might be someone who believes that sometimes white lies may be necessary (to impress someone; to get someone to do something you want; to be more diplomatic/compassionate in your business dealings and/or personal relationships).

Will there come a time when you can fully become the type of person who advocates & stands only for the Highest Truth (Truth that is always communicated in a direct but loving & compassionate manner)?


will your own 'Pendulum of Truth' continue to swing back & forth from one side to the other (from: Truths, to: Half Truths, to: Lies) for awhile longer? --> for example: to fulfill any particular needs, or to suit the situations depending on which option gives you the greatest advantages.

Q8) How much do you currently trust in your heart; in your inner guidance or intuition?

Do you trust the guidance; the ideas or visions coming from your Sacred Heart 100% of the time (especially when it is difficult to trust this guidance)?

Or, do you trust the expert guidance coming from the people/world around you more than the guidance coming from your Sacred Heart?

Will the level of trust in your own heart/intuition/inner guidance change, depending on:

- the issues at hand,

- the decisions to be made (whether important/non-important), or,

- the topics of discussion, or the people being discussed?

Q9) Do you believe that you are the type of person who will always follow through, after having made: a decision, a promise, an agreement, and/or vows - to yourself, to Spirit/your Higher Self, or, to the people and world around you?

Are you a man/woman of your word, 100% of the time?

Do you always mean what you say and say what you mean?

Or, were you often fickle-minded and somewhat easily influenced by people, circumstances and the world around you?

Did you always make decisions/promises carefully - after taking the time to deliberately weigh up all of the pros/cons, and most importantly, after communing with your Higher Self?

Or, did you often make impulsive decisions/promises at the spur-of-the-moment?

Decisions/promises that (later on) you might not: even remember, or, be able to follow through/keep after much deliberation.

By this phase of your Ascension journey, have you come to deeply understand the potentially-detrimental effects/energetic consequences that may appear in your life, whenever you are unable to keep your word (made to self and/or to others)?

You might wish to meditate on the following, dear friends.

In the past, whenever we had found ourselves in a situation where we'd had to break: a promise/agreement/vow/any other types of commitment, how did you think these experiences had affected your entire energy bodies (mental, emotional, physical & spiritual)?

Remember dear friends, that our well-being will always be highly influenced by our thoughts, words, feelings, or actions that we make in life. This is simply the Divine Law of Cause and Effect in action.

For example:

- New Year's resolutions are actually promises that we have made to ourselves. How many of us here actually made good on these promises, every single year without fail?

- The promises that we had made to strangers, colleagues, partners, friends, family, employers, employees, or, the groups/companies/organizations that were in our lives, are also equally important.

Did we pay all of our bills, rent, or loan/mortgage repayments on-time, consistently?

Bills, rents, bank loans are also promises/commitments/agreements/energetic contracts that we had made, in exchange for the services/products received.

Did we always fulfill the promises that we had (perhaps casually) made to volunteer (e.g. at a sports club event/charity organization), especially during the times when we were swamped with family/work/study commitments?

- And let's say (for example) that in the past, you had expressed a commitment (to yourself/God/Higher Self) to be: patient, honest, compassionate, kind, and loving, to people/other living beings that you encountered in life. Have you always made good on this promise - especially when the people encountered were the challenging type: who could perhaps push your buttons/trigger you in some way?

How many of these promises/agreements/commitments did we keep, how many we'd been struggling to keep, how many did we forget to do, and how many did we dismiss (consciously/subconsciously) as unimportant to keep - especially the ones we considered to be small or meaningless promises, that not many people knew about?

After all, this world is filled with an infinite number of distractions that, oftentimes, may cause us to forget our previous: resolutions, intentions, words or promises.

Have you ever wondered why is it so important for us to be a person of our word?

The people who had been following the messages posted here, are likely to be those who are deeply devoted to their spiritual growth/Ascension path. Devoted to: the path of service, and, the Divine Love within themselves.

And so, as chelas to the Ascended Masters Collective, why must we develop the following God qualities of: courage, faith, initiative, self-reliance, dependability, trust, honesty, or transparency?

Q10) How much do you believe that God/the Universe/Source/the Creator/your Higher Self, will give you everything that you had ever prayed, dreamt or asked for?

How deeply do you trust that God will always provide, support, protect, guide and be there for you - no matter what you are facing in life (e.g. current pandemic)?

Do you believe in the words that Jesus/Sananda had once said: ''Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find"?

Do you sincerely believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God/Source is always on your side?

And although God/Source is on everyone else' sides as well, but there is no such thing as a 'conflict of interest' whenever God/Source is involved.

And in the past, whenever your trust/faith in God happened to be (severely) tested, what decisions did you end up making? Were those decisions ultimately displayed your trust in God, or, your lack of trust?

Or, do you still have a deeply-ingrained belief within your consciousness (no matter how small this belief may be) that states: God, or, your Higher Self, cannot be fully trusted to protect, provide or care for you?

This belief/programming might have come from numerous experiences that you'd had in this lifetime, or, from past lifetimes on Earth.

You might also have the opinion that God/Source was oftentimes inconsistent.

Sometimes God/Source/our Higher Self was kind, loving and generous, by giving us exactly what we wanted or needed. And at other times 'They' were the complete opposite, by deliberately denying us what we had desperately wanted for so long; what we had often prayed for.

After all, whenever things had gone wrong in our lives, it was often easier to blame someone else; to blame God, our Higher Self, or Spirit Team, for the things that had/had not happened in our lives.

And thus creating the illusion, or, reinforcing the 3D belief that we might still have within ourselves that stated: we were victims of our bad experiences, rather than powerful creators that we truly were.

Is your trust in God/Source/Higher Self/yourself/the people or world around you, highly conditional?

Does it only exist when things are going well for you?

Q11) How much trust or faith do you currently have, in the premise of Ascension?

Do you truly believe: that humanity is indeed waking up; that Light & Love have won, and, that we are currently living in the most transformational time period on Earth?

Do you really believe that we are in the middle of creating 'Heaven on Earth', and that New Earth is already here? Even when there are mountains of evidence currently showing up in the world, that we might possibly be going in the opposite direction - i.e. overall, things had looked as though they were getting worse.

Or do you prefer to play the role of 'Doubting Thomas' instead - i.e. remaining mostly a skeptic, until you can see with your own eyes, that New Earth is well & truly here?

And if so, have you ever wondered why Jesus/Sananda had said this back then: ''Blessed are they who had not seen (me) and yet have believed"?

In other words, what is the significance of your (strong/weak) level of belief in the existence of New Earth: the 'Promised Land' right now?

Have you given much thought about how your full, or partial belief in New Earth, impacts the physical reality that you are creating/inhabiting right now, or, the timelines that are currently accessible to you (created by the power of your beliefs)?

Q12) Do you wholeheartedly believe that Father/Mother God and the Spiritual Hierarchy (members of the Angelic & Ascended Host in charge of this entire Ascension Project) have got everything under perfect control?

Do you sincerely believe that nothing ever escaped their notice, and thus everything is unfolding perfectly as planned?

Have you now arrived at a state-of-being where you believe that you will always be safe, protected and guided, through all the different phases of your Ascension journey? No matter how difficult these phases had perhaps been thus far, or, might be in the future?

Q13) From your most recent experiences, what do you think is the level of trust that people have for you (personally and/or professionally) right now?

Do you have an excellent, trustworthy reputation (at work, or, amongst your friends/family)?

Did people oftentimes trust in the words that you had said; in the guidance, advice or information that you had given them?

If receiving a high level of trust happens quite often in life, then congratulations dear friends.

Your vibrations/aura/consciousness; the way that you often spoke; the way that you had: conducted yourself/done your work everyday, had inspired a deep level of trust within the hearts of people/world around you.

People have a natural tendency to gravitate towards the people/companies/businesses that they liked, loved, and trusted the most.

A high level of trust for someone, for a business, group/organization, will naturally be enjoyed by those who had consistently demonstrated that they:

- had a high level of integrity,

- would do their best to keep their words, agreements, or promises,

- could be relied upon to solve any arising challenges/problems with a high degree of friendly professionalism,

- were committed to delivering a high quality product/service most (if not all) of the time.

And whenever keeping their words/promises/commitments became no longer possible/feasible/suitable, they would always do their best to:

- work things out, or,

- compensate/balance the karmic energies within all parties involved in the situation (in a way that was agreeable to all).

How much do you currently trust your pets, or the wildlife around you?

For example, do you believe that you will remain unharmed when having an unexpected first encounter with any potentially-dangerous wild animals?

And based on recent experiences, how easily did animals trust you/trust your 'vibes' right now?

Does creating a strong & loving bond with animals come easily to you?

As an intuitive, I had long ago sensed the presence of an energetic rift (that needed a complete healing) between the Human Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom. There was a sense that many animals felt that humans could not be trusted. Back then, the 'energy of distrust' had been so deeply imprinted or ingrained unto all life on planet Earth - affecting almost everyone and everything.

However the good news is in recent times, I sensed that things are beginning to change and improve for the better.

It was as though members of the Animal Kingdom (and Plant Kingdom) had more recently 'breathed a collective sigh of relief' after intuitively having arrived at the understanding that humanity is finally waking up to the knowledge that we are ONE with All-That-Is.

A lot of people are beginning to understand that what they do to/for another living being, they are in fact doing it to/for themselves.

These days there is an increasing number of videos, articles, or news reports out there, that showed a stronger willingness - on the animals' part - to open up, release their fears, surrender to love, and trust humans again.

And the reverse is also true. A lot of people have become more willing to get over their fears of certain animals (i.e. any animals that they had a phobia about). These people had demonstrated a willingness to trust again - these types of videos were always incredible to watch!

Q14) How much trust do you think you can demonstrate, towards people who do not/cannot trust you in return?

Do you think that people who normally have a low level of trust: in God; in the people or world them, have the ability to inspire a high level of trust from others in return?

Do you think that an active vibration of distrust (that may exist within yourself) may eventually cause you to create/attract more undesirable experiences in your life - experiences that will further prove to you that God/Source/the Universe/people on Earth can not be trusted? Like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Have you recently spoken to someone who did not trust you at all, or, who only trusted you a little?

e.g. you had intuitively picked up on their high level of unease, doubt, or distrust.

And how did the conversation go with this person - was it enjoyable and relaxing for both parties, or, was it full of tension, aggression, defensiveness, or misunderstandings?

Did the existence of a low level of trust that the other person have for you, made you feel like you wanted to have a much longer chat with that person?

Do you think you can easily trust this person, when it was obvious that he/she was not the trusting type?

What do you think that we need to do, to build and maintain a strong bond (based on love and trust) in all the different types of relationships that we currently have with the people/world around us - whilst at the same time, staying true to our inner compass/guidance coming from the God Self within?

Do you want most of your friendships, relationships, or partnerships that you have with the people/world around you, to be at:

- a superficial level only (one that will usually last as long as there are mutual benefits to be had, for both parties), or,

- an open, transparent, honest, trusting, and intimate (emotionally/mentally, and/or physically) level?

Thus increasing the likelihood that your connection with each other, will only grow stronger/deeper, with time.

Q15) And whenever your deep trust in someone; in the people/world around you; in your state/federal governments; in any business/organization; in God/your Higher Self, had been (completely or partially) broken, do you believe that it is possible for that trust to (one day) be restored to the level that it used to be?

e.g. after the individuals/groups involved had put in some efforts to repair/mend the broken trust.

Or, are you the type of person who strongly believes that once trust is gone, it is gone forever?

Perhaps having the attitude that if someone were to betray you, lie to you, or greatly disappoint you once, and that would be it. No second chances.

And that repairing what was broken might be similar to: you trying to glue back together a broken glass/ceramic mug. Even if you managed to collect & glue all of the scattered pieces back together, it would no longer be the same mug. The mug would never look nor function in much the same way as before the damage was done.

Case study:

My spiritual awakening was once influenced by an amazing, popular author. I had bought/read many wonderful books written by this author and enjoyed watching the author's YouTube videos.

And then one day, something really inexplicable occurred.

This person had drastically changed belief systems, and by so doing, turned his/her back on the same group of people that had made him/her a wealthy and famous person. I saw that this person's social media posts contained messages that censured/criticized/disapproved the very same belief systems (and by extension, the people who still have these beliefs) that this author had once had.

Last year when I had accidently come across those posts, instead of judging, I took the time to ponder deeply upon the following questions: how could a person change so much, by changing his/her path to the complete opposite of what it used to be?

A simple summary of what had transpired:

This individual had voluntary decided to return to the illusions of safety (like an old security blanket) that a 3D existence could provide him/her.

To a certain degree, I am sure we had all done this too. Switching back & forth between our 3D to 5D aspects-of-self, until we could successfully stabilize our ways-of-being. By being able to maintain a 5D frequency most (if not, all) of the time.

However the transformation that this author had gone through looked rather drastic & seemed like a huge step backward to a lot of people - in one's spiritual journey during this important Ascension lifetime.

So what exactly had occurred in this person's life, that caused him/her to now be in direct opposition of everything that he/she used to: believe, teach, stand for, or share with the world?

And hypothetically-speaking, if one day this person manages to return to the way he/she used to be, will I (and perhaps other ex-fans) be able to trust in his/her: work, or, words again?

When I first discovered of this author's 180 degrees transformation some years ago, I felt as though my deep trust and love in this person's knowledge/expertise had been a complete waste of time or money.

Back then, at the time of this author's transformation, it was reported that a lot of people were also feeling either: sad, greatly disappointed or even betrayed by this author's major change of heart.

And now, I have come to a deep understanding that this person was simply following the calling of his/her Soul to play the role of a trigger; a catalyst, in the human collective's Ascension process.

As a catalyst, this person had created an opportunity for many people (e.g. ex-fans/followers) to learn how to love unconditionally; how to love without judgment.

In his/her own unique way, this author was giving us an opportunity, to choose to express the unconditional type of love that was 'big enough' to allow & accept any major changes in opinions/belief systems - the kind of love that was without any boundaries.

And through his/her social media posts, this author's Higher Self was perhaps giving us all an example of 'what we should not be doing' if we are serious about consistently maintaining our alignment with Divine Love. And thus, successfully ascending to 5D & becoming a powerful co-creator of New Earth.

Only in the presence of contrast (i.e. what is not wanted) we can then become really clear about:

- the type of person we truly desire to be;

- the type of Soul Tribe members that we wish to attract into/keep in our lives;

- what to do next in our life journey;

- the best ways to speed up our manifestations, or,

- what we do/don't want to see on New Earth, i.e. what we want to create vs. its opposite.

Let us now send this person (and everyone else who had greatly influenced our lives) our deepest love and gratitude, for their unique contributions to our Ascension journeys, back to Pure Love.

This author - no matter what his/her current beliefs are - had for many years assisted in the spiritual awakening of humanity. Even to this very day, his/her prior works remain as priceless gifts for the world.

Q16) After the deep level of trust that you used to have (e.g. especially in the people closest to you) had been broken, do you think that your past history might affect the level of trust that you have in: other people, the world around you, and even God as well? Perhaps creating the 'once bitten, twice shy' syndrome.

How confident are you in your own abilities, to prevent this from happening?

And what do you think is the best way to prevent this from happening?

Of course we do not want the innocent people (entering our lives in the future) to: 'pay', be blamed, or be treated with suspicion by us, because of what we thought/felt that others 'had done to us' in the past.

Q17) How much do you currently treasure the love, time, trust, faith, or devotion, that people, Mother Earth & all of Her creatures, God/the Universe/your Spirit Team, had given you?

Did you often take the trust, love, devotion, time, or resources that they had given you, for granted?

Or, have you become the type of person who will consistently do your best, to ensure that the trust, faith, and love that you have for one another, will only grow much deeper and stronger with time?

Are you the type of person who will ensure that energetic balance always exists in all of your relationships - i.e. with equal give and take?

And now, it is time to calculate your score:

--------------------------------------- Calculate your total score: __?__ out of 170 ------------------------------------------------

------------------------- Calculate your current level of trust: __?__/170 x 100 = __?__% ----------------------------------

As I was writing the questions, I became cognizant of the fact that a few, some, or maybe even all, of the questions listed above, have the potential to trigger discordant emotions within ourselves.

Many of these questions were/are fear based thought-forms that had been projected into the Collective Consciousness, especially within the last 2 years. Some of them had popped up often in clients' reading sessions recently.

So today with this prologue, I was simply following my guidance to play the role of the devil's advocate, by writing down all of those questions here for Spirit.

And so, for those of you here who are new to my channelings, hopefully you will be able to intuitively realize that those questions had not been written as a means to criticize, shame, or disrespect: anyone in particular, any groups/organizations/professions, or, the governments.

Those questions were also never intended to sow further discord, negativity, conflict, doubt, fear, guilt, separation, or distrust, in the people/world around us.

Writing those questions was the equivalent of me holding up a mirror for you (and for myself), so that we may behold ourselves in greater clarity.

And by so doing, we would be able to come to a much-deeper realization that everything and everyone in our lives were simply reflecting back to us, all that existed within ourselves.

The purpose/intention that I had set for this particular 'Transmission of Light' from Paul the Venetian, is quite simple.

It is to confront, address, heal or eliminate all lack of trust/faith issues, that can often be found deeply embedded/hidden within our individual & collective consciousness.

As devoted candidates for Ascension, or, as chelas to the Ascended Masters Collective, we can no longer hide nor run away from the shadows or pain that may still be present within ourselves and, within the human collective.

The powerful waves of Divine Love & Light currently engulfing the entire planet Earth, will never fail to illuminate and 'drag' onto the surface, everything within our consciousness that we need to release, purify or heal.

Alchemizing all of our physical, emotional traumas/wounds/pain, into Great Love & Wisdom, both for ourselves and all around us.

I sincerely hope that Paul's message may assist all of us in some way.

Helping us to come into a greater & more consistent alignment with our Divine I AM Presence; our beloved Higher Self.

Helping us all to successfully attain a very high level of trust and love in ourselves; in the people/world around us, and, in God/Source/the Universe.

Love and light,

Adele Arini & her Higher Self.

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.


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