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Booking Policy

Full Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions
for our Services/Programs/Courses. 

(For Basic/Intermediate/VIP Access Plan subscribers, please click on the 'Access Plans' tab above,
to read the full Terms & Conditions of your Plan)


By booking and paying for any service on Raphael's Healing Space website, you agree that the messages you will be receiving are spiritual advice channeled from your Higher Self and Spirit Team. They are not a substitute for advice, programs or treatment from a licensed medical, psychological, legal or financial professional.


Adele provides no guarantees, and is not responsible for any interpretations, decisions made or actions taken by clients.


When having a channeled reading session with Adele, you will be receiving spiritual guidance. Adele is not a professional counselor, or a financial advisor. The information that is received from Adele in the channeled reading session is yours to interpret as you please. And thus, it is highly recommended that you use your own discretion & intuitive wisdom when deciding whether or not to follow the spiritual advice given.  


Raphael's Healing Space will never give spiritual advice that conflicts with the advice given by your own medical professional, or, advice from any other professionals currently looking after your life affairs.


When having an energy healing/a channeled reading session with Adele, you must understand that you are ultimately responsible for your own life, your choices and, your health.

Adele will only be a channel, or, a facilitator of higher-vibrational information/energy transference.


And what happens after your reading/energy healing session will depend entirely on you/your Higher Self - as the process and outcomes of your healing/life journey will be unique to you/your Higher Self (your Soul), and will mostly be out of the Channeler’s or, the Energy Healer's hands.


Before making any major, life-changing decisions you may wish to seek advice from other professionals as well.

Adele cannot be held liable and will not accept responsibility for the life choices you may make in the future, after your session with her.

Adele reserves the right to decline your request to book any service that is listed on this website - for reason(s) that may or may not be disclosed to you. This doesn't happen very often, however in the event if it happens to you, please understand that it is to serve the Higher Good of both you & Adele.


All materials and information provided on her website are meant to give people general spiritual guidance only.


1) Full payment must now be made upfront, at least 2 days for most appointments.

Soul Lineage appointments require full payments to be made at least 7 days prior.


For on-site appointments (if/when applicable), a full payment of the listed minimum deposit is required, at least 2 days prior to our face-to-face meeting. 


If payment is not received, by the due date (48 hours before on-site appointment), your booking will be cancelled.

2) Once payment has been made, a minimum notice of 48 hrs is now required for all 'private/individual session' cancellations, in order for you to receive a refund.

Once payment has been made for enrolment into any Course, if you wish to cancel and get a refund, you must satisfy the following two criteria:

* Refund request is received by us, with a minimum of 7 days prior to the date of your Online Workshop, and/or,

* You have not gained access to the course's e-Learning materials.


The amount of refund you will receive (after cancelling a session), will be: the full amount you have paid, minus the non-refundable Square/PayPal fees (this is due to Square/PayPal immediately deducting their fees, from the money that you have paid).

Please note, Adele reserves the right to cancel all sessions and arrange a refund for any reason (always faithfully following her inner guidance). Her reason(s) for cancelling a session may be due to:

a) The perfect Divine Timing for your appointment with her has not arrived, or,

b) She strongly feels that she is not able to help you, or,

c) She is not the most suitable person to help you out right now.

d) Unexpected changes to her personal situations.

Regardless of the cause; the reason for any cancellation/refund, the amount of money that you will receive is: the full AUD amount you had originally paid, minus all applicable Square/PayPal fees (Reason #d is the only exception --> you will receive a full refund if a cancellation is caused by unexpected changes in Adele's personal situations).

We highly recommend that you contact us first (via email) to express your interest, before booking and paying for any one of her services. 


No refund will be issued for your private/individual session, if your cancellation request is received less than 48 hrs prior to your appointment.

No refund will be issued for your enrolment fee (if you have enrolled in one of our Courses):

* if your cancellation request is received after you have gained access to the Course's e-Learning materials,


* if your cancellation request is received less than 7 days prior to the start of your ZOOM Workshop. 

Furthermore, all course materials that have been provided to you through: our Moodle e-Learning Platform or Zoom, are the properties of Raphael's Healing Space. Course materials can not be copied, distributed, translated to other languages, reproduced in any other manner, or, used in any unauthorized way (except for your own private use as a course participant), without prior written permission from Raphael's Healing Space. 


** Your support, of our rights as creator of those learning materials, is deeply appreciated - thank you. ** 

3) A minimum of 24 hours‘ notice is now required to reschedule your appointment to another day.

If your request to reschedule is received less than 24 hours before your appointment begins, no rescheduling and no refund can be arranged for you, except in cases if/when Adele can intuitively sense that there are genuine extenuating circumstances behind your request.

If your request to reschedule is received after your appointment time has arrived, no rescheduling and no refund can be arranged for you (e.g. for no-shows). 

If/Whenever you feel that you cannot make it in time to your appointment, please get in touch with Adele at least 24 hours before, instead of leaving it to the very last minute.


We completely understand that unexpected situations may occasionally arise, and thus, we simply request that you communicate with us ASAP so that a suitable solution can be provided.

4) If you have purchased any one of our three Programs, it is your responsibility to keep track of the sessions that you are entitled to, so that you can use them all within 12 months.

All unused energy healing/channeled reading session(s) will expire 12 months from the date of purchase.


Unused sessions are non-refundable and non-transferable (to another individual). 

Once payment has been made for any Program, if you wish to cancel and get a refund, you must satisfy the following two criteria:

* You have not had the first session with Adele, and,

* Your request for a refund/cancellation is received by Adele, a minimum of 48 hours before the first session.

5) As an empath (an extremely sensitive person), there maybe times in the future when Adele feels unwell due to various possible reasons, e.g. energy upgrades, intense personal purification/healing process, a traumatic event affecting the entire human collective, etc.


During those periods of high energy intensity, and, if/when other unexpected events (usually beyond her control) were to occur, please be aware that Adele may contact you to request a reschedule. 


Rest assured that if/when this happens, Adele will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

6) The duration of all sessions will now be as per listed in our 'Services' page - with no exceptions.

If you feel that you need additional time, then please advise Adele before your appointment begins so that extra time can be billed in advance - to ensure the entire session flows uninterrupted.

Please be aware that if you happen to arrive late for your appointment, the duration of your appointment will now

be reduced accordingly. For example, if you are 10 mins late, the length of your session will be reduced by 10 mins. 

And when your 60/120/180 minutes are up (depending on the type of Service you have purchased), Adele may ask whether you wish to purchase more time, available in 30-minutes slots

The additional payments must be made immediately during the session, via PayPal, before your session can continue. Once payment has been confirmed, your session will continue for the additional time purchased. 

For each 30-mins slot, there will be an extra charge of AUD 40.

7) All online sessions will be facilitated on the Microsoft Teams platform.


Prior to your session with Adele, please download the free 'Microsoft Teams' app, into the electronic device (e.g. cell phone, laptop, tablet, or PC - anything that has a working camera) that you will be using for the live video session.


You can join a scheduled meeting, by simply clicking on the link that you can find, inside the Teams invitation email that will be sent to you (after payment is received).

If you are a new Teams user, it is important that you get yourself familiar with using Teams prior to your actual appointment with Adele.

It is recommended that you first test it out (e.g. by connecting via an online video chat) with a friend/family member - prior to your meeting with Adele. Make sure everything is operational - especially your video & audio settings.

And simply familiarize yourself with using Teams.

On the day of the appointment, Adele will allow a maximum of 5 minutes for you to fix any electronic device/Teams technical issue without reducing the duration of your session.


If it takes you more than 5 minutes to fix any type of technical/Teams issue, your session time will then be reduced accordingly. For example, if it takes you 30 minutes to fix a technical issue, then your 90-mins session will be reduced accordingly to 60 minutes. If you prefer to cancel the session due to this, you will receive a partial refund (minus the time Adele has spent, when waiting around for you to fix the technical/Zoom issue).

The amount of refund will be calculated on a pro rata basis, based on the amount of time spent. 

For example:

You have paid AUD 150 for a session that's supposed to last 90 minutes. That means the session costs you $1.66 per minute. Due to a technical issue, you had spent a total of: 30 mins of Adele's time and now you only have 60 mins left. Adele has advised you of this and then, instead of continuing with the session, you prefer to get a refund instead. 

The total amount of refund that you will receive is: $150 - (30 x 1.66) = $100.

The only ways to avoid paying this pro-rata penalty, are: 

1) by making sure you are familiar with using Teams, prior to your appointment with Adele.

2) by asking Adele to reschedule your appointment to another day that will be convenient for you both (after spending a maximum of five minutes of trying to fix your technical issue). 

** We highly recommended that you arrive to your appointment at least 1 minute before your TEAMS appointment starts, to avoid having your session time reduced. **

A link to the video recording of your channeling session will be sent to your email address within 48 hours after the session. This recording will be set to expire within 12 months (unless if you have a different arrangement with Adele). 

Please make a payment for your session, only if/when you have agreed to our Disclaimer & Booking Policy.

Your payment will indicate that you have read, understood and accepted the above Disclaimer and ALL Terms & Conditions. 

By attending your appointment and, by using Adele Arini - Raphael's Healing Space services, you are in fact demonstrating your agreement and full acceptance of the above Disclaimer and all of our Terms & Conditions.


Our booking policy was created to facilitate a fair & respectful treatment for all parties involved. 


Just like we respect and acknowledge how important and valuable your time is, thank you for doing the same for us.


Your loving cooperation is very much appreciated. Namaste. 



Adele Arini appreciates the importance of protecting your personal information.

Adele Arini's Raphaels Healing Space does not sell any personal information collected, nor does she disclose it without your permission. 

(Last updated: April 16th, 2024)

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