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Relevant Qualifications

Access Bars Practitioner (BP) Certificate

Reiki Master Level Certificate

Reiki Practitioner Certificate

Pellowah Practitioner Certificate

Certificate IV in Professional Writing & Editing

Adele's Story


From a young age, I had always been a sensitive child. 

I could feel & interpret the energy surrounding me, and, would often know energetic information about the people around me (more than what they themselves had revealed).


Only after becoming an energy healer, I realized that I was in fact a ''Heyoka empath".


Heyoka empaths are highly intuitive individuals who can easily sense & accurately understand the energies of the people/world around them. They often see the world differently and prefer to go the 'road less travelled'.


They often act as a mirror to: uplift people's vibrations, and raise their conscious understanding to higher levels. They also offer people new perspectives by helping to expand people's minds - so they can look at a problem, a challenge, or dilemma, from multidimensional points of view.


For most of my life, I have been able to communicate with animals & plants, Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides. I have always been in a deep, loving relationship with the Divine; the All-That-Is.


I had kept these innate gifts under wraps (in fear of ridicule) and not even my family knew much until 2012.


After 15+ years of working as a customer service professional in various industry sectors, I was disillusioned, burned out and ready for a change. In early 2012, I came across a Reiki Practitioner from whom I was drawn to experience Reiki. I had never heard of Reiki before, and booked a 1 hour treatment regardless, for the purpose of experiencing new things.


To my everlasting surprise, immediately after the treatment I changed completely from being tired, stressed and lethargic to being highly energised and literally bouncing with excess energy.

I felt completely happy, balanced, relaxed and renewed!

This feeling lasted for well over a week.


That was the turning point in my life. My journey as an energy healer and spiritual worker had begun.


I dedicated most of my free time to learning everything there was to know (theoretically & practically) about Reiki and other healing modalities such as Pellowah, because I was determined to share them with the world!


And now, my life is full of meaning, higher purpose and immense fulfilment - that comes from following one’s Higher Guidance.

Feeling so grateful for having been guided onto this path by Spirit.





Our Services


After completing Reiki and Pellowah qualifications, I have now taken the road less traveled and gone off completely on faith to open my energy healing practice and start helping others heal & reconnect with their Authentic, Higher Selves. I had chosen to work together with Archangel Raphael in particular, to bring about authentic healing for those who are ready.

(If you are interested in knowing more about Archangel Raphael, in Feb 2016 I had written a blog titled: "Archangel Raphael: Supreme Healer in the angelic realm" that can be found in the Blogs/Channeled Messages section.)

Our Logo

I am so in love with this powerful, high-vibrational, new logo!

It was very carefully made, with the help of two talented people: my favourite

graphic designer & a local Light Language/Light Codes artist.

Sending them my eternal gratitude!

Design Elements:

- Crown --> Represents the Elohim Crown that each embodied soul wears on the head; a crown that becomes fully activated when the individual is ready for the state of Oneness with ALL THAT IS. There are 7 pointy spikes that made up the Elohim Crown. These spikes represent the 7 Sacred Flames (each of these Flames/Rays represents a specific Divine Quality or Characteristic of God). Ascension aspirants must pass the tests of mastery that the Divine Flames will naturally bring into their lives - in order to 'graduate' from the 3D realm, and, successfully enter the 5D realm of Eternal Magic, Love, Joy, Peace, Freedom & Infinite Abundance. 

- Circle --> Represents Eternal Beginnings & Endings, and the never-ending cycle of life. It also represents the Divine Law of Karma (a.k.a. Law of the Circle - what you give unto others will always return to you, in time).

- Olive Leaves --> A symbol of Peace, Forgiveness & Goodwill; all of which are very much needed on this planet. 

- "I AM That I AM'' in Hebrew (Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh) --> Represents our True Identity as the Divine I AM Presence. In this Ascension lifetime, we are being called to remember, and work our way back into fully embodying, this Higher Truth.

- The Light Code --> Represents Divine Love, Power, Mastery that can be found within our Sacred Heart. Only the people who are deeply committed to their Ascension path, will be able to fully unlock the Greatness & Majesty within their hearts. This Light Code was custom-made specifically for R.H.Space. It was designed to energetically support this spiritually-based service, so that we can successfully accomplish our higher Mission & Vision; ultimately assisting a lot of people to become the Highest versions of themselves, during this Ascension lifetime. 


License for the above painting of Archangel Raphael was purchased from artist: Howard David Johnson.

- Copyright belongs to artist -

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