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The Time is NOW ~ Father Mother God (12 March 2019).

This channeled message is now available on our official Raphael's Healing Space YouTube Channel for your convenience. So if you would prefer to listen to this channeled message, simply click the following link:


Beloved I AM that I AM, 

We, in the Company of Heaven, greet you with deep unconditional love and gratitude. We bow to you, in Oneness, for all that you were, all that you are and all that you will be/do on behalf of ALL THAT IS. 

Your being here on Earth at this time of massive planetary changes within all aspects of human existence has been meticulously planned in great detail from the beginning of your adventures on Earth. Everything that you had gone through/experienced in many of your past lives here had brought you to this moment in Time when you are ready to return to the I AM within. 

All of you have a very important role to play to ensure the success of Earth & the Human Collective's Ascension into 5D. You, through the mission/purpose you had chosen for yourself & that we had helped create, are meant to awaken many people and show them the path back into Our arms of Infinite Unconditional Love. The path that you will show others may be different from another Light-worker's, and that is by design.

There are numerous routes up the mountain, in the journey to the summit where the I AM can be found. 

Most of you reading this have chosen to walk the path of service to the Light & Love.

Your heart is the purest of The Pure. Your bravery, courage and strength are legendary; famous and greatly known throughout Heaven. Your willingness to be of service to us, your Father Mother God, and to ALL in existence, is constant and never-changing. Your mind, heart and soul beat as one with Ours. Our Will is your will and your will is Our will - for we speak as ONE. We act as ONE. 

You are all Our most faithful servants. And just as you are Our Beloved Servants of the Living God, so are We your Beloved Servants of Love. We are here to serve you, just as you are here to serve us, and All, within the Kingdom of Heaven.

Truly, our true Messengers of the Light can be identified by how much they are willing to be of service to others.

Some of you here already knew the types of past lives you had chosen & experienced for yourselves. In some of them you were not playing the role of someone living in the Light, but these lifetimes were few indeed when compared to the number of lives you had lived here on Earth.

The majority of the time, you had chosen to raise the consciousness of the entire Human Collective, by spreading messages of Love, Freedom, Compassion, Peace, Abundance, Joy and Oneness - in one way or another. 

Some of you here had died many times in service to the Light or, had greatly suffered for your faith/belief in the ONE God and for spreading Our messages. You had also in the past, decided to play the roles of people who were top leaders of nations, religious groups, ruling societies - to change humanity's 3D ways of Be-ing from within. 

You were playing the role of someone born/naturally meant to be within those, usually, exclusive communities. In other words, you were often our planted 'spy'; Our agent of Light and Love, in organizations where Light and Love were either non-existent, or, so conditionally 3D as long as you constantly 'obeyed' the organizational rules/regulations. Even when your life missions had seemingly failed (when viewed from a lower-dimensional perspective), you never faltered nor gave up.

In fact, We are here to tell you that all your missions, woven throughout the Fabric of Time (to raise Humanity's consciousness) were a complete success! Every single one of them was a success - when viewed from a multidimensional, Higher perspective. We could easily see how your words, feelings, thoughts and actions had rippled out globally, raising the consciousness of ALL from a primitive level (that was all about survival of the fittest) to the highest level where it currently resides (gradually changing to all about service to Light & Love). 

Humanity's consciousness (a.k.a. the Light Quotient Level) is now the highest it has ever been, ever since the last great Golden Age of Atlantis. And this success can be greatly attributed to all of you reading this today. For example, some of you here were instrumental in permanently abolishing slavery. Some of you were responsible in the awakening of the energies of Divine Feminine in the world, without which Ascension would not have been possible.  And you did this by standing up for women's rights as victims and/or as their protectors.  Some of you here had been the guardians of the Flames of Freedom, Justice and Liberty in ways that you cannot fully comprehend/remember just yet.  

These were just a few examples of aspects of Human Existence you had helped to change, simply by deciding to lend your Light & be of service to Humanity, and for us ALL. Many things that had happened on Earth, had also occurred or, are currently occurring in many 3D planets as well throughout your Milky Way galaxy, (e.g. endless wars, suffering, poverty, separation consciousness). 

As a Nexus Planet, what happens to Earth will soon reverberate and likely happen to many other planets as well. Truly, at the risk of sounding dramatic when saying this simple truth, the fate of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance (as you may remember from one of the teachings shared in Adele's spiritual group meetings last year - if you were a member then) and Earth is the key. And this, our beloved, is the sole reason why you are here. 

Earth is receiving so much of Heaven's support (the scale of which has never occurred elsewhere in this universe before) because what happens here will truly affect trillions of other souls within this galaxy. And of course, if we were to view it from a Universal perspective, what is happening right now on this one small planet, called Earth, located in the outer reach of this galaxy, will have tremendous after effects the likes that none has seen before. 

In fact, not long after the exact moment of Earth & Humanity's Ascension to 5D, this entire universe will be uplifted and raised in consciousness to a level that we have greatly desired but can only dream of having so far. This is the 'Great Correction' that highly-evolved beings (who are in charge of this particular universe) had meticulously planned with every single one of you here who had attended the Great Conclave (as your Higher Selves), and now, positive results are showing. 

And we cannot be happier! Massive celebrations are being held everywhere, loved ones - as your Family of Light celebrates your successes with deep gratitude & overflowing joy. Truly, if you could see yourself (not as the seemingly small microcosm of Light that you once thought yourself to be) as Great Beings of Light - who had achieved what many (highly-evolved Beings in Heaven's Hierarchy) had once thought was impossible to do/achieve - just as we see you, then your life will be so much different right now.

The time is NOW, loved ones, to FULLY embrace your Greatness. Leave behind all feelings of being: small, weak, helpless, unimportant or unworthy. Instead, snuggle more closely with your Higher Self from now on, by dedicating a special time every day to do this without fail, and soon, the Greatness that is your I AM, will be Your Greatness.

The Great Love that is your I AM, will be Your Great Love for ALL

It is also time to leave behind all doubts, mistrusts, hurts, fears, worries about working for the Light; working for God/your Higher Self. We are your eternal partners in this massive planetary ascension project. If you have any lingering negative/mixed feelings about what you are being called to do from this point onward, please put those burdens down and walk forward in your paths, completely unencumbered by the 'ghostly, energetic remnants' coming from the weight of what had happened in your many past lives. The past lives that you had chosen and designed for yourselves.

Fear not, for your physical safety, reputation, livelihood and comfort are all fully guaranteed, for this is THE lifetime for all of you to shine so brightly with your complete set of Soul Powers. This lifetime is the culmination of all your hard work, as you will once again lead from the front, and will succeed in all of your grand global objectives and individual goals. 

This is also THE lifetime where ALL of you reading this, are very much the physical representatives of your God-Self; the Higher Self that is as Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent as I AM. And as your Higher Selves' physical embodiment in every way, the task falls upon you for you to master your Spiritual Mastery sooner rather than later.


And we ask that you give this your complete focus, so that by the time 2019 ends, you will already be walking around as your all-powerful God-Self 100% of the time. You will have left behind all fears, insecurities, worries and doubts, and flown to greater heights; completely adopting the many, or all, of Our Divine Attributes. The Attributes/Qualities of your Father Mother God.

Today, we are here to give you the FINAL key that will provide full & complete access to the magical wonders of the Kingdom of God. 

This is truly the final key to your transformation; to becoming and fully embodying your Higher Self and to accessing all of your Soul Powers for the higher good of all.

And the key is the Hebrew Mantra:




(English Translation: Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God of Hosts, the Almighty Father, who was and who is and who will forever be.)

The first one (Kodoish) is the westernized version, and the latter (Kadosh) is the authentic, Hebrew version. Both are powerful, but we would highly recommend using the latter version for greater effectiveness.

Hebrew is one the few ancient languages used as 'keys' to activate Higher Consciousness on Earth. So it should come as no surprise that this key must be spoken in its origin language of Hebrew - and not its English translation. And this is due to Light vibrations of Sound, coming from this powerful Mantra.

This salutation, used by all in the company of Heaven, is the key to your return to full ONENESS with ALL THAT IS.

Main benefits of reciting this powerful Mantra often, daily:

* To bring the highest, purest vibration of the Throne of God in Heaven, into your energy fields, your house, your space. This mantra contains the purest vibration of Divine Unconditional Love.

* For those new at discernment & would like to have a channeling ability, use this Mantra to discern the information that you receive, to make sure only Beings of the Highest Light are the ones being channeled.

* When you are using the mantra, you are effectively bridging Heaven to Earth. So the more often you do it, the sooner Earth will become a replica of your Heavenly Home. You will be accelerating & powerfully contributing to the Ascension process in this way.

There are many other benefits to this mantra, but the above 3 benefits should suffice for now.

We would like to invite all of you, to recite this Mantra out loud, as often as possible during your waking moments.

For those of you here who prefer to master your Spiritual Mastery sooner rather than later, we would highly recommend for you to do it 108 times per day, every day. You may wish to use a Mala (prayer beads used by many for chanting or meditation) so that you can easily keep track of where you are in your mantra chanting. 

108 times seems a lot, but it will only take anywhere between 20 to 25 minutes of your time, depending on your speed. Do this for a minimum of 30 days, and then observe how your life will change as a result of this powerful spiritual practice when done with great discipline!

Your dedication, commitment and devotion to service to the God of Light and Love will be rewarded beyond measure. Your growth will be exponential and your existing spiritual abilities will be strengthened like never before, with more abilities on their way to be used for the Highest Good of ALL on Earth. 

You are ready for Greatness, beloved. And we are here today, extending our hands and invitation for you to once again fully become the Great I AM within.

Commune with us, your Father Mother God and Higher Selves, more often as within Our embrace is the one place where you are most often longing to go. Within Our embrace lies HOME. And Home is where you are at your Most Powerful, but it is also the one place where you know without a doubt, that you are the Light & Love of God.

You were sent by God, to spread Light & Love so that ALL who wish to ascend can successfully do so; influenced by your presence and personal contribution here on Earth.

We are here for you always - ready and waiting for you to return to the full embrace of your unblemished, magnificent Self. The Self that is gloriously powerful and mighty; the Self who actually revels at the magnitude of the tasks before them, as opposed to the small self, who is perhaps trembling in fear/trepidation. 

Come and take our hands, our beloved. We are ready, only if you are.

Loving you always,

Father Mother God.

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.


Adele Arini
Adele Arini
Apr 14, 2019

Hi Tasch, Thank you for taking the time to write a message😊; happy to hear from you always 💕. And to answer your question re: video, I honestly don’t know for sure because neither do I have anyone around me who’s a native Hebrew speaker. I’d simply advise you to trust your intuition, ask your Higher Self for help when chanting the version you wish. Hope that helps! Love & light💖, Adele.


Hi Adele, many thank yous as always for your loving and supportive transmissions. I am enjoying all the other transmissions you are bringing through and look forward to reading/ listening to them, they are just so helpful and really assist me so very much. I also look forward to joining your second-tier patron group soon too. I wanted to clarify the Hebrew version to make sure I am pronouncing the mantra correctly. In the video does the person speaking use the correct Hebrew pronunciation?

(My grandmother spoke Hebrew, I wish she was here with me now, I've never needed Hebrew before, it would have been wonderful to share this with her :)

Thanking you, love Tasch XOX

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