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BREATHE DEEPLY & EASY DOES IT ~ Mother God via Adele Arini, 3 Aug 2018.

My beloved children,

I am your Divine Mother. It is now time for me to play a part and contribute to the wonderful higher-dimensional discourses we have provided here for all of you.

The outpourings of massive waves of energy in recent times (especially in the past 2 weeks), have caused many of you to go through many intense challenges, on all aspects of your Self: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It was like nothing you have ever experienced before, in any of your previous lifetimes here on planet Earth.

For those of you here who are newcomers to spiritual news, or, if you haven't read a recent important message from Archangel Metatron, please take the time to do so after this, so you can better prepare yourself for what is now happening/going to happen in the second half of 2018 (links are provided below).

Let us use Adele's recent, personal experiences as an example here. For the past 2 weeks, she had been having problems focusing/concentrating, as well as feeling so exhausted/sleepy most of the time. Quite often she experienced forgetfulness, nausea, headache, blurry vision and high pressure on her head/crown chakra. She has also very slightly reverted to a few old 3-D habits (e.g. back to consuming caffeinated beverages), in order to effectively deal with these challenging physical symptoms.

Some days she could drink 3-4 liters of water, whilst on other days she didn't feel like drinking much. Some days she slept more than 8 hours; other days she could only sleep a little. All is going very well for her because most of the time, she has been 'listening and talking' to her physical body, in her efforts to give it the tender loving care it deserves. In recent years, Adele's emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of Self have been changed/upgraded to a higher-dimensional operating system. The physical aspect of her Self, is now simply playing catch-up.

In these tumultuous times you are all undergoing right now, the key is to stay constantly in tune with your Higher Self and with your physical body. Open communication is crucial for you to: always stay balanced and not feel overwhelmed. Listen and talk to your body; talk to your heart, as it will always give you the right guidance that resonates with you the most - to immediately correct any imbalance you may be experiencing at any moment.

Your physical body, as vessel/instrument of your Spirit, is the densest, most low-vibrational aspect of your incarnated Self. It is always meant to be the last one to change. Your physical bodies are changing from carbon-based to crystalline-based, and the physical, emotional, mental challenges coming from this transition should never be underestimated.

Depending on where you are on your spiritual awakening journey, your symptoms may be quite different to Adele's. Some people had reported feeling so depressed, anxious, lethargic or, being in a spiral of negativity with no end in sight. Some of you felt like you had regressed and returned back to 'the dark night of the soul' phase all over again. A process that you thought was over and done with a long time ago.

Please remember my children that there is always a Higher, important reason for everything. All the things that humans label as 'negative' in your lives and in the world, are in fact always positive when looked through our eyes. There can never be a bad experience. You all have often experienced this for yourself. After Time has passed, what you used to think was a bad life experience turned out to be a good experience overall: to help you be happier, grow more abundant, and evolve/mature as a person.

The 'negatives' are always temporary, and they transform to 'positives' when observed from the bird's eye view of your Higher Self. Your Higher Self operates only from the following True concept of Time: "ALL are happening in the great moment of NOW". Past and future do not exist.

Time is a powerful illusion that is the true culprit and root cause of all fears. Time is the very foundation and fabric of all third-dimensional experiences. Without time, equally powerful illusions of: Fear, Lack and Separation will cease to exist, from all aspects of the Human experience.

A recently channeled Heavenletters: 'Time and Fear Are Partners' are so accurately and appropriately titled. Without the concept of time binding you, fear will NOT be able to exist in your reality, as the two always go hand-in hand.

Without fear, absolutely everyone will be living in the NOW moment; constantly tackling/solving challenges only as they occur. All will come to realize that life is eternal, never-ending. There is always enough time for everything that you wish to: do, be, have and experience - Time Without End; endlessly stretching into infinity.

We in the higher dimensions have repeatedly stated that Mother Earth and the ascending Human Collective are currently undergoing a highly intense, super-deep cleansing that will eventually result in the permanent release of everything that no longer serves you.

This 'everything' includes: all current AND past-life traumas, all uncleared karma, all 3-D beliefs and conditioning based in the Fear, Scarcity/Lack and Separation paradigm - coming from eons of experience incarnating in the lower dimensions. Fears coming from the powerful illusion of Time are also something humanity is purging right now.

The birth of both: New Earth and your higher, fifth dimensional selves can only occur after everything lower-vibrational is completely released from Gaia's planetary body AND from your own four bodies (energy/light-body, mental, emotional and physical bodies).

And for those of you who have been spiritually awakened for quite awhile, in addition to your own personal Ascension process/symptoms, you have also agreed (pre-birth, on a Higher level) to help shoulder some of the burden coming from Mother Earth, and the entire Human Collective.

This means that some, or most, of the negativity you are/were experiencing can also be coming from the release of eons-old darkness/negativity coming off: of the surface of the planet (being released by Mother Earth), and/or, of the collective psyche of humanity. Some of you here are constantly doing your best to fulfill one of your Higher promises: to play an important part in planetary healing activities by transmuting this arising, cumulative, planetary-wide negativity into Higher Light frequencies.

You are always either: consciously or, subconsciously doing these planetary healing activities at the perfect Divine Timing that your Higher Self knows and will always guide you to do.

Most of humanity are still so deeply entrenched in the 3-D 'victim mentality' Matrix . You still think that your body/thoughts/emotions are your Master, instead of the other way around. Your Spirit, i.e. Higher Self, is THE Master of your physical, emotional and mental bodies. And since you and your Higher Self are ONE, by extension, this means that you are the Master of ALL aspects of your Self.

In practical terms, this means that whatever pain, whatever symptoms you are maybe experiencing, these symptoms are there because you have chosen to have them there. For reasons such as: to fulfill your individual Higher Purpose, and, to serve the Higher Purpose of ALL THAT IS.

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding. (Kahlil Gibran)

The physical Universe is one gigantic smorgasbord that contains different time lines, different dimensions/realities, different planets/galaxies/civilizations giving all souls infinite options to choose from the massive menu. You are always given a free hand, i.e. complete authority to decide for yourself: where to play, what role to play, when to play and how to play, whenever you feel like 'going out' for another adventure to physicality.

For this particular lifetime, your Higher Self had chosen to experience the highly-exhausting process of transforming all aspects of Self from 3-D to 5-D, whilst at the same time, also play an important role in the creation and manifestation of 5-D Earth.

You could have easily chosen to enter physicality at a time when 5-D Earth has well and truly been established. Choosing to be born straight into a future, 5-D Earth will mean that life is so much easier, and the massive Ascension challenges that most of you are currently experiencing, are just a distant memory to the entire human race. Something that happened in your Collective Past, that you can read more about in your history books.

But no, you had all decided that is not for you; at least not this time around. You were all quite firm and resolute in your intentions; wanting to play the biggest, most challenging 'game-of-life' ever invented, for the purpose of your individual Soul growth.

Let me now use the analogy of playing a computer game to illustrate my point. Many of your online/computer games were created with different levels, containing different challenges and/or enemies. When you have only just started to play and learn a particular game, you are automatically at the 'beginner' level. However, as your knowledge, skills and experience start to build up, you are able to tackle more complex challenges. Your selected game-character's courage and bravery will often be tested (in the form of opponents/challenging circumstances appearing) so that you can have the experience of being 'successful' over one level, to then graduate to the next level, and the next and the next.

Do you see how your computer games mimic our True, Infinite, Eternal Reality?

The only difference between your video games and our 'Games of Life in Physicality' is: with the latter, there is no end in sight. As you keep ascending to the next Soul growth/evolutionary level, one day you will eventually reach the top level of the higher-dimensional ladder. By then you will have become an expert at playing these life-games.

In other words, once humanity as a whole has reached 5-D, the next evolutionary leap forward will be 6-D, and then 7, 8 and so on, until the Human Race reaches the highest dimension of existence in this physical Universe. Just one step away from transitioning back to Spirit and 'returning to Heaven'. And then what happens when 'you've done it all'? What happens when you, as a Soul, have experienced all the dimensions and become victorious over them all?

Quite simple, my children. You can choose to serve in the Higher Realms, in whatever Council projects that take your fancy. However, whenever you feel like re-entering the physical realm/universe, you will simply keep raising the bar; making your next game-of-life even tougher to beat. The complexity of that life you will undoubtedly choose for yourself and the amount of challenges you will have to overcome, become even more 'interesting' and can often feel completely impossible to beat - if seen from the perspectives of younger, less-experienced Souls.

Your Soul however will have grown so confident by then, so much so that nothing can stand in your way as you joyfully continue to test your Creator-like powers through the infinite, varied, amazing life-scripts that you just keep writing for yourself.

TRIQUETRA: Symbol of Eternal Spiritual Life

By now some of you are perhaps wondering 'what is the point of helping all of you understand the advanced spiritual concept of Eternal Life' as thoroughly explained above?

All of you are fearless, daring, super-brave and courageous souls who have chosen to come to Earth and participate in this Grand Project; partly because of your pure desire to be of Loving service to the Light, and partly for your individual, spiritual evolution purposes.

There is no right and wrong. There is never any judgment coming from Me, Father God, or anyone in the Higher Realms. Judgment is never necessary, because ultimately, ALL is Love, and all belong to the 'Team of Light'. Duality is a concept that exists solely in the lower dimensions.

In this lifetime, and all other lifetimes, you can never fail to reach your destination, whatever or wherever that is, which you have decided for yourself.

Even if it looks as though you have 'seemingly' failed something, you have Eternity at your disposal, to do it over, and over again, until you become satisfied with the outcome. All is always well, and there is no rush to go anywhere. You are exactly where you, are meant and have planned to be.

This means my beloveds, the fundamental reason for your being on planet is simply to experience physical life to the fullest. Your Higher Selves, your Spirit Teams and I/Father God, have zero expectations on what your life should be like. Yes, you/your Higher Self had created a blueprint/plan for your life, however, whether or not you follow this to the letter, or if you choose not to follow it at all, are entirely up to you.

Our deepest desire is for all of you to be happy wherever you are at the moment; to experience and have more joy in your days. 'Follow your Joy' should be your Slogan, your 'Modus Operandi', or your 'Life-Formula' from this moment onward.

Free yourself from all self-imposed expectations on what your Ascension process 'should be like'. Let go of all time-related fears that can put unnecessary pressures on what should, first and foremost, be a joyful 'graduation time' for the ascending human collective. Have fun with the process. Fully embrace the awakening of your multi-dimensional Selves and learn to be patient with the highly complex 3-D/5-D integration process, within and without.

Show each other loving compassion and an infinite amount of patience; knowing that you are all truly 'in this together'. Stop isolating yourself. You can better surf through the enormous influxes of the coming cosmic Ascension waves, and the formidable challenges they bring, by: staying in groups.

Finding like-minded souls and surrounding yourself with them, should be one of your highest priorities right now, to gain the necessary support and boost you will need, so that you can get to your goal/final destinations the 'easier way'; with greater calm and confidence. And as you continue to bond with the people in your own groups, you will find that they can be your 'lifeline', or your 'saving grace' during the times when/if you were to temporarily 'fall in the water' whilst surfing through these intense waves that will bring about the much needed changes throughout the next 20 years.

You can all 'surf better' by staying highly in tune to the Mind, Body, Emotion and Spirit Aspects of yourself, and honoring your needs at every moment - occasionally even above your loved ones' needs. Please remember that you will have more to give your loved ones, after you are fully rested; when all aspects of your Self are in perfect balance/equilibrium and when your physical/energetic batteries are completely recharged. A routine self-care regime should be regularly followed, as this act of Self-Love should be the Highest gift you are giving yourselves, to help with the transitional challenges coming your way.

Whenever you are suffering, please learn to let your pain/Ascension symptoms be your greatest teacher and friend in this journey you have chosen to embark on. Be in the state of gratitude whenever pain/exhaustion hits; knowing that everything is happening perfectly, as planned, and trusting that it is always for your long-term Higher Good.

"Pain (any pain - emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) has a message. The information it has about our life can be remarkably specific, but it usually falls into one of these two categories: 'We would feel more alive if we did more of this', and, 'Life would be more lovely if we did less of that'. Once we get the pain's message, and follow its advice, the pain goes away." - Peter McWilliams -

The following YouTube video can help those of you who are currently going through a tough time adjusting. If the following video resonates with you, then please watch it as much as you like. For some of you watching it once is enough, but others may benefit from watching it several times especially over the coming months.

There are a lot of activities that we would highly recommend for you to do, to help ease the stress and growing pains related to Ascension:

1) Eat high-vibrational food and drink nutritious beverages only. Keep your physical bodies hydrated and well-rested at all times.

2) Surround your home with Crystalline Energy, coming from actual crystals placed all around your home, and/or by connecting with the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas and Brazil (please read AA Metatron's channeled message for more information).

3) Walk barefooted whilst communing with Nature and do grounding exercises often.

4) Meditate a minimum once a day; consider this a sacred time to help you be more receptive to your inner guidance, coming from the loving voice of your Higher Self.

5) Think positive thoughts and say only positive words to both yourself and others.

6) Whenever you feel extra-sensitive and extra vulnerable, please remember to surround yourself only with gentle, sensitive people. Avoid being around crowds as their combined vibrations can be too challenging to deal with, when you are least able to handle it.

7) Only do activities that bring you peace, joy and love. If your current activity/focus is not giving you any one of the above three feelings, then please change it immediately.

8) Listen to soothing, relaxing, meditation music often. Have showers/baths more often, as water is a very calming element (cleansing within and without).

9) Whenever you are experiencing a specific physical symptom, don't forget to first check in with your inner guidance. Your feelings can help you decide if the condition is something that needs to be addressed immediately by a medical professional or, whether it is a temporary Ascension-related side effects.

10) Whenever you are feeling lost, anxious, depressed, or feeling as though you are walking this journey alone, please always reach out to Me, to your spirit team, or to any Ascended Master you have a close connection to, for advice, guidance and assistance.

We will always answer your call for help and stand ready to assist, in a way that empowers and supports your own Divine Higher Will for this incarnation.

Feel our loving support surrounding you right now and always.

With all my love,

Mother God.

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.


Adele Arini
Adele Arini
Aug 03, 2018

You're very welcome my dear. Even I badly needed this message for myself and that's probably why I channeled it:). Glad it has served to help you in some way. Namaste.


Thanks so much for this channeling Adele. I really needed it.

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