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The ‘I AM’ Within - A message from my Higher Self (7 October 2019).

Hello beloved friends,

I started my writing journey this week completely focused on completing Sananda’s next discourse on 5D Mastery but before that message can successfully come about, it has become crystal-clear to me that this message from Higher Self needs to come first. It is time for us to understand a lot more about the nature of our I AM Presence.

In this channeled message, I will be asking Him to give me a deeper explanation about our multidimensional self, and how it relates to my life mission/purpose for this very important incarnation. Although the answers provided below will be about my own general life path, this message will also be quite relevant to everyone reading this.

Knowing who we are and where we came from, is an important step that cannot be skipped, if our goal is to fully embody our Holy God Self. Lao Tzu, Aristotle and Socrates pretty much had said the same thing in slightly different ways. Knowing thyself is the key to fully becoming a 5D-human; a Crystalline Light Being who is fully awakened to its innate Wisdom, Soul Powers and Unconditionally-Loving nature.

By this phase of my ascension journey I have come to intuitively know a lot of information about my past, present, future and parallel selves, both here on Earth and elsewhere - all living, breathing and walking around in the same eternal, NOW moment. Most of the information came to me in meditations, some came in dreams, some came in the form of immediate, soul-level recognition from simply looking at people’s names, photos or books written by/about them, while other inner knowings were triggered by the people around me/fellow travelers I had met along this ascension journey.

These information often came as ‘stand-alone’ visions, which means, they could be easily accepted as my own (i.e. my ‘direct’ soul experiences) and naturally understood by themselves - e.g. why I chose to play those roles/have those experiences; and what the end results were (whether I had successfully achieved my soul’s objectives by ’playing’ those various life-games). The visions and information received could sometimes be very intense and vivid; enhanced with the full spectrum of either positive/negative emotions coming from either: wonderful, or, challenging lifetimes.

However, so far, these visions acted like independent jigsaw puzzle pieces - they (by themselves) were obviously very interesting to know, but eventually, after receiving so much information, one is beginning to have a longing to finally see and understand the whole, fully integrated, gigantic picture that sums up the total aspects of my Self - the Multidimensional, Unlimited I AM. In other words, I have now arrived at a point in life where I can no longer continue with my fragmented, limited understanding about my Higher Self.

The more I learned about various aspects of my individualized I AM Presence currently running around within the infinite number of physical realities, across many dimensions, living through many time periods on many planets (not just Earth) in various galaxies throughout the Multiverse, the more I get curious about Soul Genealogy - the Origin, Lineage and Themes of my soul.

This avid curiosity growing within the hearts of many people is completely expected; it is perfectly in line with what we are going through right now as an ascending soul who is undergoing a convergence process of the many aspects of its multidimensional self, into the one, NOW moment.

Knowing our soul’s origin, lineage and themes and, how they are connected to our Ascension journey in this lifetime is invaluable. It can help us to raise our consciousness high above our perceived weaknesses and the challenges we are facing right now. Allowing us to successfully transcend all repetitive 3D patterns that were originally created in the connecting (usually past) lifetime - dealing with them at the level of their root cause.

Those of you here who have been following my channeled messages for awhile, you have been naturally attracted to my creative work mostly due to our innate similarities. Old souls that we are, we had walked hundreds of different life paths on Earth, and countless more elsewhere.

And now that those life paths had often been revealed to us, what is next? What do we do with all information given by our I AM? How did those experiences define who we are right now? Who are we supposed to be next? How will those experiences help us in becoming whoever we wish to be next, in our everlasting desire as a soul to constantly create and expand ourselves anew?

This message will attempt to satisfy much of my own curiosity. It will once again be written in a Q & A format since I have a lot of questions to ask - however, an intention will be set to leave it open for any unasked, but relevant important information to come through for us as well.

And for those of you here who consider yourselves to be at the early stages of your spiritual awakening/higher understanding/ascension path, I would recommend reading the following highly relevant article first, before continuing below to read this channeled message from my Higher Self.

‘The Multidimensional Self: The Soul, Oversoul and Beyond’ by Jeff Street.

The above article will serve as a good foundation to prep you for this journey of deeper Self-exploration. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Sending you all many blessings of Love, Light & Gratitude. Namaste.



'My love, you know that I have been using the following terms: Higher Self, the I AM, the God-Self, Holy Christ Self, Over-Soul, Soul, Source interchangeably - following inspiration from within, as to which one is the most suitable to use in any given situation. Can you please shed more light for us all as to the exact meanings, the roles and/or the differences between these terms, so that we understand more?'

Higher Self:

'The above article that you have recommended for everyone to read serves as a good starting point to help people understand the complex nature of their multidimensional selves. Before I start giving you more information on the terms used above, it is important to once again remind you, that ALL is ONE.

Before We start ‘separating‘ ourselves using these terms in your highly-restrictive human language, it is crucial for you to remember that there is never any separation between you and everyone/everything else that you can see, sense, touch, smell or hear, and all aspects of your multidimensional selves (past, present and future).

Today, Our aim is to help you all to successfully comprehend the magnitude and grandeur of both the: Universal and Individualized I AM, within this message.

Definitely not an easy task for us to do, dear ones. Since all of you reading this are in many ways still limited:

1) in your understanding of the greatness of who you really are,

2) by your strong perception of Separation (from those outside of yourselves) and,

3) by your 3D linear perception of time.

Those of you here, who have been awakened for quite awhile, may perhaps disagree with Our observations above - by thinking that it’s been quite awhile since you have grown much in your understanding of all the above. You might even say to Us, that nowadays, you are no longer questioning your own greatness; you have been feeling so united with everything/everyone you see daily; and that your perception of Time has now become more 5D than 3D. We agree that you have all indeed changed, evolved and raised your conscious understanding to higher levels. But this is a gradual process that needs more time until everyone on planet earth is at the same level of understanding.

For example, if you truly understand the greatness of who you really are, why did most of you here often feel defeated by your existing life challenges; or feel scared/uncertain by any major change happening in your life? Do you not know/deeply understand that your inner, God-Self actually thrives in the face of challenges and looks at them with excitement, enthusiasm and gratitude for their appearance in your physical reality? These challenges are the ‘life-games’ that you had set for yourselves, and without their presence in your lives, you would all be feeling totally bored with physical life on Earth.

If you truly understand that nothing is ever separate from yourselves, why do all of you here occasionally still have conflicts/arguments with others, for example when something in your life is not going well? Is there anyone in your life right now who deserves more love, compassion, patience, respect or kindness from you? Knowing that you are them, and that they are you - All is One. And why do a lot of people treat other living beings with either: intolerance, indifference, violence or cruelty?

For example, do you really not know, loved ones, that animals die by the millions every day across the world? What about you - what is your role right now in relation to this? Are you everyday, directly or indirectly, contributing to their sufferings? If so, will you be willing to permanently release all resistance to your Higher Self, and let go of your mental/emotional need to consume your favorite comfort foods - those which are made from various animals products? Please remember that eventually, when there is no demand, there will be no supply. And if you still believe that you can only get protein from animal products, is now perhaps the time for you to abandon that false, 3D belief?

You only have to take the time to gaze deeply into the eyes of every single animal that you see, to find ‘yourself’ in them; or, to fall deeply in love with them. Your heart - your powerful barometer of Truth, will be able to tell you, all that you need to know about your Indisputable Oneness with all members of the Animal Kingdom.

Animals have unfortunately been long regarded as an inferior species; as products, assets, or livestock - this has been a globally accepted practice on Earth for thousands of years, ever since mankind’s historic fall to lower levels of consciousness. It is a practice that a lot of light-workers are working hard every day to change - something that is more easily done now that more and more people are being awakened by the energies of Divine Love bathing the planet daily. The current acceptable practice of treating animals as inferior to humans, is actually very similar to what many Germans living in wartime Nazi Germany did back then. A lot of Germans back then truly believed that the Jews were an inferior race, and thus, it was completely okay to practice ethnic cleansing.

Remember loved ones, that True right or wrong (under God), depends on what is actually acceptable under Divine Cosmic Laws of: Love, Harmony, and Karma - as Portia & Pallas Athena had explained in their recent message through Adele. For becoming higher-dimensional also means complete adherence to those Sacred Laws of God - the laws that govern all embodied souls living in higher-dimensional environments where: Love, Peace, Freedom & Unity prevail.

Loved ones, it is never Our intention to criticize you today for your past, or current actions/habits by bringing this potentially-sensitive topic up - for you all have the free will to do what you wish with your lives. However, we know that most of you reading this are serious about mastering yourself; mastering life/energy and, ascending to 5D.

And thus today, We have decided not to mince Our words - for a more direct approach is much needed here. Loved ones, if you are truly serious, passionate and committed about embodying your Higher Self (i.e. about successfully completing your Ascension to 5D), it is time for you to examine, question and change every single remaining habit, programming or, pattern of behavior that betrays your Sacred Goal of becoming one with your all-loving and all-powerful God Self.

Releasing all resistance, persistence and self-discipline are the keys to help you create Greater Momentum of spiritual growth and life mastery. Unless of course, if you prefer to be on this Ascension journey as though you are constantly applying the brakes when driving your car - by moving forward and then stopping continuously - in the end, if you were to keep that up, you’ll end up getting nowhere.

To be a Light-worker means to be spreading the Light; to be consistently creating powerful movements of Love wherever you are - these should be reflected in everything that you do daily. In other words loved ones, it is time for all of you reading this, to truly step up into your life missions as: Role Models, Emissaries of Heaven, or Ambassadors of Love, Light, Peace and Unity, by your very own examples.

Creating Heaven-on-Earth starts with you!

After all, the only way you can successfully change the world, is by changing yourselves.

For if you think that you have the power to change someone, you may want to think again. No one is able to make another person change, especially when great resistance is present. You can pressure someone to change, and if they were to seemingly yield to your demands, they may then proceed to do the same things again behind your back one day in the future. Their changes will most probably be temporary ones.

True change and the permanent release of all limiting habits/behavior, can only start from within.

Lastly, if you have begun to truly understand that linear time is one of the biggest illusions on 3D Earth, why are you often wasting your days by either: worrying about the future, or, dwelling on the past that you cannot change? What will it take, for you to focus your efforts so that no matter what happens, you will always be anchored in the NOW moment?

It is time for you to stop putting too much pressure on yourself, or, to start loving yourself and loving your life a lot more than what you have been doing thus far.

Beloved, for if you truly love yourself, you will not be constantly subjecting yourselves/your lower bodies to: stressful, discordant thoughts and feelings about your past, present, or future.

By always living in the NOW, you are in fact actively choosing to be a powerful Creator, instead of choosing to be a victim of your circumstances. Remaining anchored in the NOW can be as easy as breathing. All it takes is a strong declaration to self, to always be perfectly aligned (in your daily thoughts, words, feelings and actions) to the Mighty I AM Within.

Let us now go back to Adele’s first question. As requested, We will now give you a detailed explanation of the following terms.

1) Higher Self/Over-Soul/Soul/Source:

Whenever people use the term ‘Higher Self’, they are (most of the time) referring to the ‘Light Being-in-Charge’ of their evolution as an incarnated soul.

You can refer to this Light Being perhaps as the: President (simply borrowing the terms used in Company Hierarchies to better explain the role of your Higher Self), Overseer or, Supreme Governor.

This Light-Being lovingly plans, manages, oversees and governs your entire spiritual evolution journey for ALL of your physical incarnations, everywhere throughout the Multiverse.

This Mighty Light-Being is of course, YOU.

Copyright 2020 - Raphael's Healing Space
HIERARCHY OF A SOUL - Soul Lineage/Soul Family Tree (Copyright 2020 - Raphael's Healing Space)

It is the Highest (in your Soul Lineage) aspect of your Self who is part of a bigger group (containing other Higher Selves) that is the First-Split or, the Original Sparks of Source.

Your own Higher Self can also be referred to as the: ‘Parent’, ‘Leader’, or, ‘Head Honcho’ of its own line of many more Smaller-Sparks of Source (e.g. the Over-Souls, the individualized I AM, the Soul).

Let us now briefly refer to Jeff’s article - it was definitely correct for him to use the terms ‘Higher Self’ and ‘Over-Soul’ interchangeably. He was right for using these two terms, for all levels of self, all the way up to and including, Source (highlighted in yellow in Jeff’s illustration - please see below).

There is really no need for you all to know the exact number of Higher Selves, Soul Groups, Over-Souls, Soul Extensions, or Souls participating on Earth right now, or, how many you have (for each level of existence within the pyramid) specifically belonging to your Soul Lineage. These numbers change constantly, since your Higher Self (and by extension, Source) is always on an Eternal journey of Expansion and Creation.

We often talked about a ’young-soul’ vs. a ’highly-evolved-soul’ in several messages before. A young soul can be likened to a ‘young tree/sapling’. It has all the appearances of a tree (complete with leaves, twigs, branches and trunk) but it is short and relatively small, in comparison to a highly-evolved-soul that can perhaps be likened to the famous, gigantic ‘General Sherman’ sequoia tree in California, USA.

As the young-soul grows and collects more physical life experiences, in its eternal journey to expand, challenge and experience itself, its Light-Spark naturally becomes bigger, stronger and ‘mightier’ (coming from the accumulated weight of physical life experiences under its belt) until one day, it successfully completes its journey back to Source.

A journey that can take millions of physical incarnations to master: Self, Energy, and the 12 Sacred Rays of God - up to the Highest Levels of Creation.

'The Multidimensional Self: The Soul, Oversoul and Beyond’ by: Jeff Street

At the Soul Group level, splits occur usually due to the ’Major Themes’ that your Higher Self wishes to explore, create, experience, or master, on the physical plane of existence. For example, one Soul Group aims to master the Violet Ray of Freedom and Transformation. Another Soul Group belonging to your Higher Self aims to master the Pink Ray of Love, and thus the long list continues.

The Over-Soul aspect of yourself is the one who monitors all of your incarnations within a specific, localized area of the Universe (e.g. those within the Milky Way galaxy).

Your Over-Soul is in charge of making sure all of your physical incarnations in that area, are moving along (more or less) as planned.

You can also compare the Over-Soul’s role to that of a Department Head (please refer back to the pyramid illustration above) who is then completely in charge of all the Supervisors/Team Leaders and the Employees within that department.

Your Over-Soul then splits into several Individualized Souls (i.e. a number of ‘different’ I AM Presences) - and all of these Souls are still a part of your Higher Self.

Please note, Source is ultimately the GOD-Parent of ALL Higher Selves currently in existence. Although in the above simplified illustrations, Source was placed at the top of the pyramid, it is more accurate to say that Source is the whole pyramid itself.

There is no level, or, sub-levels of existence (e.g. within the pyramid) where Source is not.

If we were to liken one particular pyramid with one tree within the forest - this tree will then represent your Higher Self; your Soul’s Family Tree/Lineage. All the leaves on your tree represent the many physical incarnations experienced by your Higher Self.

The trees standing next to you, are other Higher Selves; other Original-Sparks of Source.

The forest itself represents the entirety of the Great I AM; the SOURCE of ALL-in-Existence - it also represents the entire Kingdom of Heaven (on all planes, all dimensions, and all realities within the Multiverse).

The next level down the pyramid, i.e. ’Direct Supervisor/Team Leader’ level, represents the Individualized I AM Presence (known as the Soul) who is in charge of all your incarnations within an even smaller; more localized section of the Universe. For example, one aspect of your Soul is perhaps in charge of the Earth experience; a different aspect of your Soul is in charge of the Pleiadian experience, etc. - and the long list continues.

The Soul Extensions as per Jeff’s illustration above, can represent the many different areas of exploration, within your own direct, Soul Group’s Theme that your Higher Self wishes to master, express or create - in that localized section of the Universe.

For example, if your Soul directly belongs to a Soul Group that aims to express or master the Violet Ray of Freedom, one particular Soul Extension may be focused on mastering the Freedom of Expression; another Soul Extension is perhaps exploring Freedom from Slavery; another is exploring Financial Freedom; and yet another is focused on exploring Freedom from Dictators/Ruling Authorities who have reigned with Absolute Power, etc.

By now, you can simply just use your imaginations to understand the gigantic scope of your Multidimensional Self. All levels of your Soul Governance/Hierarchy, are obviously interconnected and act as ONE.

Information constantly flows in both directions, up and down the hierarchy of a soul, to help each embodied soul within the entire Soul-Family-Tree makes the most out of each incarnation.

The division, or, the delegation of different ‘management’ tasks between the various levels of a soul’s hierarchy is at the micro-level, a mirror reflection of the bigger number of Divisions/Levels/Councils within Heaven’s Hierarchy (looking after the ever-expanding Kingdom of Heaven at the macro, Universe/Super-Universe levels).

If an individual ever requested for assistance from the Ascended Masters/Angelic Host for something that is not in alignment with his higher goal for that particular incarnation - the very first thing that the Ascended Masters would do, would be to check in with his Higher Self (usually at the level of the ‘direct’ individualized I AM - the Soul), to see if the request will be a life experience that is worth having or, whether it is an unnecessary distraction that is not in line with the purpose of that incarnation.

The individualized I AM will then consult/commune with its Over-Soul, Soul Group, and ultimately, its Higher Self, to decide whether such a life experience may benefit/expand the Whole. For whatever happens in one specific physical incarnation will have a reverberating effect on the Whole - i.e. whatever happens to one particular leaf will affect the whole tree.

And thus, the Ascended Masters/Angelic Host do not have the final authority to manage, or, overly interfere with each embodied soul’s evolutionary progress. For such interference can be considered to be a serious violation of the Sacred, Divine Law that governs the Sovereignty of each Individualized I AM.

2) The I AM/God-Self/Holy Christ Self:

There are three major ways that the term ‘I AM’ can be used.

a) The Great I AM -> is simply another word for Source, God, Prime Creator, the Ancient of Days, the Alpha & Omega, or, the Supreme Intelligence that governs ALL. There are countless names of God being used on your planet, and the I AM is one of the most energetically-powerful names of God. It also represents ALL That Was, ALL That Is, and ALL That Will Be.

b) The Universal I AM -> when people use this term, they are mostly referring to the Supreme Intelligence that governs the entire physical Universe. Your Universe was flawlessly designed with great mathematical precision and order.

c) The Individualized I AM Presence (a.k.a. the Soul) -> this is the individualized aspect of the Great I AM, that directly plans, manages, supervises, oversees and controls all of your current, past and future embodiments (as explained earlier). The I AM Presence is connected to your physical body through the heart, via the silver cord.

For all intents and purposes, your I AM Presence is the 'Direct Sovereign', of your physical incarnations. It is your ‘real’ Self; the God-Self that knows only perfection and is completely in charge of the ‘Electronic Light Body’ that is you.

The Individualized I AM has the full powers of its God-Parents and will only grant such powers to the embodied aspects of itself who have successfully achieved Ascension. The I AM Within you constantly monitors your daily use of the very precious, Electronic Light Substance (the trillions, tiny Light & Love Electrons that is ever-present in the Universe) that comes from the Heart of Source -> to see if dispensing more, or, less amount of this Light to you is a wise course of action.

To the embodied soul whose thought and feeling worlds contain only perfection (Love, Joy and Peace), infinite amounts of God’s Electronic Light Substance will be granted and entrusted to you, to be used as per your own Divine Will. And when that happens, dear ones, you shall experience the true meaning of this sentence: ‘Seek and you shall find the Kingdom of Heaven that is within’.

The Holy Christ Self -> most people use this term as another word for the individualized I AM Presence. In actuality, the Holy Christ Self of an individual, stands in between his I AM Presence and his physical body. It acts like a mediator between the God-Self and the individual’s current level of consciousness.

It is often called ‘the small voice within’ as it always guides you to make higher-vibrational decisions in everything that you outwardly express/send out into the Universe. Your Holy Christ Self is anchored within the heart‘s Threefold Flame, and can be used to help you eventually be a Christ-in-action, just like Jesus did during His time on Earth.'


'Thank you for explaining all of that in such great detail. Let us move on below to my next set of questions for this message. You have, over the last few years, lovingly revealed to me several different names of my Higher-Self and somewhat limited information about what their roles are in the higher realms/dimensions.

How does my knowing all of these, help me in this incarnation? In other words, what are the benefits of this knowledge? Is knowing really necessary for my spiritual growth and Ascension goals? And for the many light-workers reading this message today, what do they need to do to obtain this information? Is it the type of information readily provided upon request, or, is it usually on a need-to-know basis only?'

Higher Self:

'Beloved, nothing happens by accident. You were always meant to know all the information that has been given to you thus far - i.e. we had planned your awakening together, pre-birth. As an evolved soul with a lot of accumulated physical life experiences throughout the Multiverse, there is so much about your Higher Self’s History that you do not consciously remember just yet, let alone understand fully.

The information you had so far received is but the size of a small notebook - a notebook that can be found within a Living, Ever-Expanding, Cosmic Library (among millions of other books) that houses the complete knowledge of your own Soul Lineage.

We will always filter the information given to all embodied souls, so that only information relevant and helpful to their current incarnations are the ones provided. At this phase of your spiritual growth, knowing too much about your Self can be equally as unwise as knowing too little. One day when your Ascension is achieved, you can have complete access to all information about your own rich & diverse soul history - but before then, the I AM Within you will be the one responsible in managing and controlling the information flow sent your way. If We deem something to be unnecessary for you to know, then for the time being, We will put your request for information on hold until Divine Timing arrives - simply trust that We always have your higher good in mind.

The benefits of knowing and understanding your Soul Lineage are as follows:

* Someone once said that ”A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots”.

This pretty much explains what we would like all of you to become - a gigantic tree that continues to stand tall and strong on Earth; having successfully withstood the test of time; always bravely facing all weather conditions (the good and bad).

In other words, we would love for you all to be a strong & powerful Light-worker, who never gives up no matter what. And thus, knowing your ‘roots’ is crucial for this goal.

Fully knowing the identity of your Higher Self and understanding His major roles (the Sacred Tasks entrusted to Him), in service to the Kingdom of Heaven, will motivate, empower and give you clarity as to what is your mission, purpose and reason-for-being on planet Earth right now, for this particular embodiment.

For all ascending souls living in this highly-coveted lifetime, your life’s mission/purpose/specialties/roles in this incarnation (on the micro level) will actually be a mirror image to your Higher Self’s Passion, Mission, Purpose, Specialties & Roles (on the Macro level).

As Above So Below, As Within So Without. The entire purpose of Ascension, is so that one day, you all can walk around the planet fully embodying your I AM; as your God-Self. You will one day be joyfully serving Heaven and serving ALL on your planet, using the full spectrum of your Higher Self’s abilities, talents and passion that will be uniquely YOU.

Let us now use Adele‘s Soul Lineage as an example. In the chart provided below, which Adele had kindly consented to share with you all today, We had clearly shown that her Higher Self’s two major fields of expertise are: ‘healing’ the consciousness of many embodied souls, and, helping to empower/motivate/transform people’s lives so that complete Freedom of Self can be outwardly-expressed.

Even Adele’s innate characteristics can be easily explained by her Soul Chart. As someone who represents the Violet Ray of Freedom, she is also the type of person who must always be given the Freedom to choose what she wants to do with her life - ever since she was a little girl. Even the smallest of interference with her personal choices will not, or will rarely, be welcomed.

Knowing why you are the way you are (i.e. fully understanding yourself), will eventually result in you feeling a lot stronger, more powerful and empowered to create a joyful life that is full of meaning and purpose.

* Knowing your Soul Lineage, will help you understand better the unique Ascension challenges that you are currently facing, and the reason why those challenges are present in your life. When someone fully understands the reason why something unwanted exists in one’s life, one will often be feeling grateful, for he has now found the key to rise above that challenge.

Your challenges are always there to give you clarity; to give you contrast, between something that is wanted and not wanted in your life.

As a powerful Creator; as God, you are always in the process of creating and expanding. And thus, when you see the presence of something unwanted in your life, this will then be the perfect time for you to choose to create and manifest something different!

Let us take another look at Adele’s Soul Lineage below (please note that all names had been abbreviated for privacy), to further explain what we meant.

The Soul's Family Tree Chart (Copyright 2021 - Raphael's Healing Space)

Adele’s Primary, Direct Soul Line (within this simplified version of her Soul Lineage) has been highlighted in purple. Together, We had chosen her Soul Origin: the Violet Ray, and the three other Rays (Pink, Yellow & Green), to be her main role, purpose and mission for this lifetime.

This means she is one of the many light-workers on Earth right now, whose very presence personified, or, represented all the properties of the Violet Flame. As you may already know, the Violet Ray is the Ray of Freedom, Transmutation, Transformation and Alchemy.

This means, she and all other Violet-Flame embodied souls out there, are constantly: radiating, transmuting, transforming and anchoring the Violet Flame, wherever they go and in everything that they do. The process is automatically done, and their individualized I AM is in perfect control as to how much of it is done on any given day. This is part of the service these souls have agreed to do pre-birth, and it is one that has been done ever since these souls arrived on this planet.

Obviously the intensity of this task will depend on the individuals’ readiness levels and where they are currently located, in their Ascension journeys back to the I AM Within.

In other words, the more awakened these people are, the more intense their service will become - done for the benefit of all inhabitants of this entire planet.

One of the challenges that spiritually-awakened, Violet Ray souls may often face include:

extreme sensitivity to the Human Collective’s and the planet’s energies. Whenever something ’bad’ had happened on Earth, these souls would probably be feeling drained or, become physically ill.

In this scenario, their light-bodies (that is mostly composed of their naturally-dominant Violet Ray) were automatically and actively combating the lower-vibrational, energy matrix that Earth had become (after the bad event had occurred), by radiating and anchoring even greater amounts of the Violet Ray into the planet. To neutralize and transmute much of the negativity into Higher Light.

And thus, the knowledge that you came from the line of Violet Ray can benefit you so that if something similar were to happen again in the future, you will be better prepared and can handle the above challenge easily. You can learn to better manage your energy system, so that you will not be walking around feeling drained/ill almost all the time. For there is still much negativity, or lower-vibrational energies radiated around the planet on a daily basis, that you will be automatically transmuting on behalf of ALL.

The good news for those of you here who originated from, and are representing the Violet Ray, the energies of the planet have gotten a lot better in recent times - now that the energies of Divine Love pouring from the heavens are heavily supporting you in this sacred task.

For those of you here who originated from different Rays, you might have been experiencing different Ascension challenges that were unique to your specific Rays. Simply seek information directly from the I AM Presence within, to successfully solve your challenges.

The above two, are examples of the benefits you have received, by knowing all that you know about your Higher Self, Soul Lineage and Themes. And thus, to address your next question Adele, whether knowing all of this is really necessary for your spiritual growth and ascension goals, Our answer is yes. But We will let you, and let everyone here reading this message, to decide that for yourselves.

On to the next question. What do you all need to do to obtain this information? All you have to do is to request your I AM to give you whatever information that you need.

Simply dedicate a quiet, meditation time each day, to deeply tune in to the Wisdom of your I AM. And We will endeavor to give you all relevant information that you need that day. And if you feel the need for an intermediary (between you and your I AM), so that you can obtain such information, then simply request your I AM & spirit team, to send you the most suitable person who can assist you with your request.

All information that will be directly, or, indirectly, provided to you, will at this stage be on a need-to-know basis only (as explained earlier).'


'There are many moments in the past where I had received inner knowings that I used to be this person/that person, or, the person I met today is another aspect of my Individualized I AM, or, the person I met recently is another aspect of my Higher Self from a different Soul Group. Are those feelings/knowings accurate? If so, what was the purpose of our meetings?

And how can I tell the difference between a past, or present/parallel life:

* that directly belongs to me - one that I can make the following claim without a doubt ”Oh yes, that was definitely my past life” or,

* that indirectly belongs to me (e.g. different Soul Group within my Soul Lineage) or,

* that belongs to a different Higher Self (i.e. totally ‘unrelated’ to my Soul’s Family Tree)?'

Higher Self:

'By this phase of your Ascension journey Adele, you have pretty much eliminated all of your inner doubts about the accuracy of these types of information that you are receiving. After all, you have had years of practice doing it. But We know, that you are only asking these questions to gain greater clarity, and, to help the many people who will be reading this message.

Discernment of information is truly a very important process that cannot be skipped, for everyone here who is in the process of mastering their mastery.

All information that you have received from sources outside of yourselves (e.g. from books, blogs, videos, channeled messages, your spiritual teachers/gurus, etc.) must ALWAYS be filtered through the powerful barometer that is located within your own heart.

So to answer your question Adele, once again, We will let you decide for yourself, whether your feelings/knowings about those people, were accurate.

And as to what was the purpose of: all your meetings with those different aspects of your Self, and, all the knowings that you had actually been those people in past lives (or, are currently those people in present/parallel lives), was mostly to empower you; to help them, and, to raise your level of conscious understanding of the magnificence of your multidimensional Higher Self.

You can easily tell the difference between a past, present, or future life that is either: directly connected to you, or, indirectly connected to you (but still within your Soul Lineage), or totally unrelated to you, by using your innate ‘Energetic Resonance’ abilities to discern for yourselves the answers to these questions.

And only when all else fails, then you can ask your I AM Presence for confirmation.

But We do prefer that you use your own discernment first, before we proceed to provide you with the answers. After all, you are Masters-in-Training here!

But here comes Our answers to your question.

A past/present/future life, or person, that is directly connected to you (i.e. you are literally looking at another YOU running around in that person’s body) will feel so ‘as-One’ with you; there will be a feeling of perfect Oneness with your energy-body/light-body.

If you were to close your eyes, and visualize yourself standing on the left, and that other person is on the right, and then proceed to ‘merge’ the two of you together, it would be as if there is no vibrational difference between you and him/her.

Your energies would blend really well together- so much so that you cannot tell where the current-you begins, and where the other person begins.

In other words, you will find 100%, perfect, energetic resonance and magnetic attraction/pull between you and the other party. And if you were to take the time to go into meditation mode, you can gain relevant information about that person’s life. Visions of that life will easily flow into your mind’s eye (along with all sorts of other information), for your I AM will (most of the time) grant you access to information about your direct past/present/future lives. For your: knowing about this past life, or meeting this person (other aspect of Self) was never by coincidence - it is usually for very important reasons eg. to trigger greater self-healing, to empower and learn from each other, etc.

A past/present/future life, or person, that is indirectly connected to you (e.g. different Soul Group in the same Soul Family Tree) will still feel ’as-One’ with you, but there is an important difference. The level of energetic resonance will be much less (perhaps between 51% to 90% resonance) - depending on how far away/how close this person is from your Direct Soul Line. There is no instant, magnetic attraction/pull, or, there is little curiosity to get to know this person more (unlike those usually happening between you and the 'other-aspects-of-you' from Direct Line-category above).

A past/present/future life, or person that is totally unrelated to you, will still feel ‘as-One’ with you, however, the level of energetic resonance between you and him/her will drop even more, to 50% or, under.

For all of you reading this today, once your energy sensitivity becomes naturally high, you will be able to fully understand what We meant by ‘energetic resonance’ - for experiencing it firsthand, is the only way you can truly comprehend what we had just explained above.

And notice that in all 3 categories above, you will still be feeling as ONE with all aspects of your selves (direct, indirect, or, unrelated) for you surely know by now, that ALL are ONE. There never is separation between you, the people you had been/encountered in all your past/present/future lives, and with the world around you.

For you are all Source-Energy-Beings, constantly expanding and expressing yourselves anew, within the physical plane.'


'And by the way Beloved, have I been talking to my direct, Individualized I AM all these years, or, have I been talking to ALL versions of Self all the way up my Soul Lineage/Family Tree, to the Source level?'

Higher Self:

'You have, for most of the time, been communicating with your Individualized I AM Presence; your Soul, a.k.a. your Direct Sovereign.

However, that doesn’t mean that all the other aspects/versions of your Higher Self (up to the Highest, Source level) are not aware of Our daily communications. They are always aware of whatever is going on, within the lives of ALL aspects-of-themselves currently in embodiment. In fact Adele, you had often been chatting with Beings further up in your own Soul’s Hierarchy whenever you felt the need to, or, whenever ‘They’ felt the need to connect more directly with you instead of through your I AM.

Every single aspect of your Higher Self, from the Individualized I AM level, all the way up to Source, is your Higher Self (within your entire Soul Lineage). Talking to one of these Higher Beings, is in fact talking to ALL of them.

In closing, there is one thing that everyone here needs to remember. The purpose of getting you interested in your own Soul’s Lineage/Hierarchy is not to help you remain in the old, 3D mindset of Separation.

In her effort to understand her Higher Self better, Adele’s last question above actually indicated the presence of ‘3D remnants’ within her consciousness that tends to influence how her mind works. It is a reasonable question though, for We have indeed been separating the Higher Self into different levels within the Soul’s Hierarchy for the purpose of today’s message.

Today’s message is in fact Our loving invitation for you all, to know your Higher Self a lot more than ever before. We love you dearly, and remain ever supportive of your daily needs and Ascension goals.

Come into Our embrace and stay there often, loved ones, for We long for you to commune with Us more often, so that you can soon receive the complete Well-Being that is the Divine Birthright of all God’s children on Earth.

As you open your heart to Us more; as you listen to Us more often; as you understand and remember more, and, as you release much/all of your resistance to Our guidance, you are in fact opening up the pathway to receive more of the good things in life.

Now is truly the time for all of you to learn how to relax, tune in to the higher frequencies you want and then simply open up to receive.

Believe in Us always, and simply know, that you are loved beyond measure.'

With all my love,

Adele's Higher Self. 

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.


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