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Comparing the 3: Reiki, Pellowah & ARH

You have finally made the decision and commitment to do whatever it takes to heal your life and turn it around completely. Now that you have found an energy healer who can assist you in this all-important journey, you are then faced with a variety of different healing modalities to choose from. You've read all available information about each modality to check their suitability in treating your condition. You've understood everything but still you can't help feeling so unsure about which one(s) can help you the most. Then what should you do next? How do you decide which healing treatment to have and how often to have it? This article is meant to answer these legitimate questions and assist you in making the right choices for yourself.

First of all you need to realise that whichever healing modality you end up choosing (Reiki, Pellowah, or the Archangel Raphael's Healing method), you will reap an enormous

amount of benefits that will change some aspects of your life for the better. So there is no right or wrong answer here. As you read up on the information for each energy healing modality, our advice is to select the one that most resonates intuitively with you and leave the rest. Listen to how you feel about each particular modality. Make a decision on a particular modality, and then, observe how you feel immediately after making it.

Our feelings are God-given tools of intuition that will always guide us in making the right decision for all life circumstances. Most people assume that they will get that feeling of 'rightness' before making any decision in life. The reverse actually applies. Whenever you are placed in a situation where you are lost and unsure about which decision to take, you should go ahead & pick the option that is most agreeable to you and then observe how you feel afterwards. You know you've made the right decision if you are feeling positive about that decision (e.g. happy, enthusiastic, excited, etc.). If you are feeling negative after making that decision (e.g. worried, apprehensive, fearful), or if there is a part of your body that feels uncomfortable in any way (e.g. gut twinges, heart twisted in knots) then it is best that you change your decision immediately. When we are not listening to our instincts, we may one day be faced with unpleasant consequences that may cause us to look back on that decision-making moment and regret.

Reiki, Pellowah and the ARH method use very high, light vibrations sent directly from the Divine Source/God. The main difference between the three healing energies is the range of light frequencies that they emit and their capacities to treat a condition effectively.

People who are sensitive to energies, will usually say that Reiki's energy is the most robust and grounding out of the three. Reiki is ideal to treat a wide variety of physical and emotional ailments. Pellowah's energy on the other hand is much lighter than Reiki and is usually more suited to treat a wide range of mental and emotional ailments. The energy generated during an ARH treatment however, will feel the lightest. It is the purest form of energy that is being sent straight from the Angelic realm. ARH works best for those who wish to be healed from complex diseases of unknown origins, as well as mental and spiritual ailments. So, does this mean ARH is always the best for you? No, that is not always the case for everyone.

As you can see from the above diagram, each modality has its own healing frequencies and each specialises in different aspects of your being. For example, if patient A recently took a fall in the shower and as a result hurt his lower back, a Pellowah treatment may not be as suitable as Reiki in helping patient A recover from his back injury.

Patient B however, had suffered from chronic lower back pain for more than 5 years and been desperately searching for a cure. He'd had enough of having band-aid style treatments that can only offer temporary relief. In this instance, the underlying cause of patient B's back condition probably stemmed from negative mental, emotional or spiritual belief systems that need to be eliminated before complete healing can take place. Thus, Pellowah or ARH are the healing modalities more suited to treat patient B's condition.

Prior to attending your healing appointments, please discuss your concerns and your healing goals with the healer (especially if you are not enrolling in any particular healing program that starts off with an angelic reading - see 'Services/FAQ' for more information).

Your healer will then follow her own intuitive guidance so as to give you advice on the most suitable modality for you. We respect your privacy and will keep all personal information confidential.

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.

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