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The Case for Trust ~ by Adele Arini & her Higher Self (20 April 2023).

Why is it so hard for humanity to trust each other?

So much so, that over time we’d created countless laws that may protect our rights, if people were to renege; to go back on their words or, fail to keep their promises.

And the answer to this question comes in the form of another question.

Why is it sometimes hard for us to keep our promises?

People grow. Their personalities can change.

Their circumstances change.

Their goals, dreams, or set intentions can also change, or evolve over time.

And so, there are many good, valid & justifiable reasons why people should go back on their words, or break their promises.

Why is it then important to keep the promises that we have made to ourselves & to others?

What's the point of: making promises, or, committing ourselves to anything/anyone?

Isn’t it better, to remain free of any form of energetic tie/entanglement, or, to remain flexible, by always going with the flow?

When we feel like doing something, we do it because we really want to do it.

We are then in full alignment with that activity; with that course of action.

When we don’t feel like doing something, then we don’t have to do it – especially if we firmly believe that no one ever has the right to force us to do anything that we do not want to do.

And as such, in this scenario, discipline, self-control and perseverance are not needed.

Which path, out of the two, is the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ path to follow?

Should we commit to be a person of our word?

Or should we simply follow our intuition, ‘go with the flow’ and not take our lives/promises so seriously?

These two questions are very similar to the question presented in one of my recent social media posts.

Is the path of the Divine Masculine the ‘better’, or, the ‘right’ path to follow, than that of the Divine Feminine? (and vice versa).

There is no right or wrong.

One path is not ‘better’ than the other.

There is no conflict; no competition between the two Divine aspects of God - embodied within each human being.

And in much the same way, IF the ways that we have been doing things; the ways that we have used thus far (to manifest anything; to accomplish our goals, or live a happy life), have been working out for us, then that’s great.

We’re obviously doing something right.

Why should we change our ways in that case?

If those ways have not been producing the results that we want, then maybe it is time to change.

Maybe it’s time for our usually-more-dominant Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine nature, to ‘stand on the sidelines’, until it is needed.

This is to give the other Divine-Aspect-of-ourselves a chance to help us out, so that we can: bring our lives back into balance, or manifest better life experiences for ourselves.

And whenever this switch takes place, it does not mean that all of our positive traits (of the person that we used to be) are no longer within.

Let’s say for example, there was a person who (previously) was very divine feminine in nature.

This man/woman then went through a powerful inner transformation and as a result, has oftentimes become more divine masculine in nature.

And then afterwards, a lot of people perhaps made the erroneous assumption that this person was no longer the kind, patient, heart-based, forgiving, nurturing, compassionate person that he/she used to be.

Nothing could be further than the truth.

In this scenario, this person had simply activated and embraced: a ‘hidden’ potential, a different personality, or a different Aspect-of-Self, that (in the past) was oftentimes not needed.

This person has now become more balanced & integrated with both the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Aspects of God/Higher Self. He/she is now the embodiment/personification of both energies, the D.M. and D.F. in equal amounts.

The Higher Self is all-loving, all-compassionate, understanding and forgiving.

However, let us not forget that the Higher Self/God/Divine I AM Presence is also known as: The Creator.

Creation, Expansion, Growth, Evolution – are all words that represent God; words that also describe the Divine Nature of, our Higher Self & the ALL-THAT-IS.

And all four, are only possible when COMMITMENT exists.

Without commitment, responsibility or accountability, nothing can be created.

Nothing can expand, grow, or evolve.

Without humanity committing ample time, energy, and efforts to constantly create something new that improves our quality of life, the world as we know it today will not exist.

And so, in conclusion, is it better to flow, or, to commit to be a person of our word?

The ‘right’ answer will depend on the people asking this question.

The ‘right‘ answer will depend on their goals; their set intentions; their current phase of spiritual awakening, or their evolution as an embodied Soul.

Furthermore, these two options can both become the 'right' answer at different phases/times in one's life journey. Divine Timing is everything.

Remember that our INTENTIONS create our reality.

The ‘right’ answer; the most suitable answer, will depend on:

- the type of life that they wish to have,

- the type of person that they wish to become,

- the type of life lessons that they have learnt, and experiences/connections that they wish to attract,

- the goals/dreams that they wish to manifest,

- how closely connected they currently are to their own Higher Self,

- and, how awakened they are, to the Higher Purpose of their lives on Earth.

Unity, Oneness, or World Peace is only possible when the Citizens of Earth feel enough SAFETY.

It’s only possible when more and more people realize that there is strength in numbers; that there is power and great love, in community.

It’s only possible when TRUST exists, even amongst strangers.

It’s only possible when ALL realize that TRUST is our innate nature, whilst distrust was the false ‘programming’ that we had (subconsciously) created/developed through time - e.g. after prolonged social conditioning, or, after having learned tough (past & current) life lessons that then caused individuals to create a barrier/protective shield around their Sacred Heart.

By choosing to be a trustworthy person; by choosing to be a person of our word; by choosing to keep our promises, we are in fact playing an important part to create, not only a happier & peaceful, harmonious future for ourselves, but also for humanity and ALL living beings on Earth.

A future when we finally feel safe enough to trust in the love; in the goodness; in the integrity of — the people/world around us, AND ourselves.

Will we (collectively as a species), ever learn to trust each other fully, by first BECOMING the type of person who is worthy of that trust?

The choice has always been ours to make.

What will you choose today?

With love and light,

Adele Arini & her Higher Self.

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.


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