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Soul Lineage (Akashic Records) session (3 hours)

Soul Lineage (Akashic Records) session (3 hours)

This service is only available for NEW Soul Lineage clients. 


This channeled reading service is designed to help you understand the Higher Self more.


As explained in the channeled message titled, 'The I AM Within' (posted on this site on October 7th, 2019), there are many benefits to knowing your Soul Genealogy: the Origin, Themes and Lineage of your Soul.


Please be aware that the Soul Lineage reading session is more suitable for:


1) ascending souls who have begun to understand quite well their multidimensional nature and,

2) people who have begun to believe more in their own Greatness, Divinity & Sovereignty - as aspects of Source.


This session may turn out to be quite a complex discussion of your multidimensional nature, and thus, basic understanding is necessary, to keep our chat within its advertised time limit of three hours.


This service is not really suitable for people who wish to have a Q & A session to address their existing life/ascension challenges - please book a Soul Connection session instead.


You will receive:

1) A simplified Soul Lineage Chart (similar to Adele's - shown in the channeled message above). This will take approximately 1 hour for me to prepare.


2) A comprehensive 3-hrs session, discussing your Higher Self & Soul Family.

During the first half of the session we will be discussing your Soul History, and then in the 2nd half, your Soul Lineage Chart.


3) A link to the video recording of your session will be emailed to you, approximately 1 to 2 days after your appointment. This recording is set to expire in 12 months.


The following are the steps that will be taken to create your Chart, once payment is confirmed:


1) Your full payment gives me the permission to partially access your Akashic Records, so that higher information about your Higher Self; about your Soul Family, can start to flow my way.


I will start the process by meditating and communing with your Higher Self, to 'get to know' everyone in your Soul Family.


2) I will draw your Soul Lineage Chart first by hand. After it is completed, I will use an app to make a proper, nicer version that looks similar to my own chart (in the channeled message).


You will receive the completed Soul Lineage Chart by latest: 24 hours before your appointment.


All information that will be provided in your Soul Lineage Chart and private session is 100% channeled, spiritual material.


*** Please provide us with at least 2 preferred dates & times for your session, that will coincide with our opening hours (AEST - subject to availability).


If you are an overseas client, please use a time converter website, to convert your local dates/times that you want for your session, to AEST.


For a Soul Lineage session, the dates/times specified must be (at a minimum) 7 days away from purchase date. *** 


Once full payment is received, we will confirm the availability of your selected appointment date/time via email.


Your payment will fully indicate that you have read, agreed and accepted our Booking Policy.

For more information, simply click the ‘Booking Policy’ tab at the top of this page.


Thank you for your interest in our services.

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