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Soul Alignment & Soul Connection (2 hours)

Soul Alignment & Soul Connection (2 hours)


This is a combination of the following two services:


1) Soul Connection -> 75 minutes of channeled reading (Q & A) session with your Higher Self & Spirit Team, and

2) Soul Alignment -> 45 minutes of Energy Healing session.


We will first begin with a channeled reading session, to help you gain valuable advice and guidance from your Soul; the Divine Presence within. During the session, you will have the opportunity to ask your Higher Self, Angels, or, Ascended Masters any question that you wish.


And when your Soul Connection session is over, we will discuss your energy healing goals for the day. You may wish to share anything relevant, e.g. any pre-existing condition that you may have.


Then you need to simply get comfortable, lie down, and set an intention to 'open up', receive & integrate the healing energy sent your way.


We will remain connected online (in Microsoft Teams) throughout your energy healing session, however the video/audio function will be closed/muted. And then, 5-10 minutes before the entire 2-hr session is over, we will continue our chat.


We will briefly share with you any additional information gained from the energy healing session.


*** Please provide us with at least 2 preferred dates & times for your session, that will coincide with our opening hours (AEST - subject to availability).


If you are an overseas client, please use a time converter website, to convert your local dates/times that you want for your session, to AEST. ***


Once full payment has been received, we will confirm the availability of your selected appointment date/time via email.


You will receive a link to your video recording of your session, approximately 1 to 2 days after your appointment. This video recording is set to expire in 12 months. 


Your payment will fully indicate that you have read, agreed and accepted our Booking Policy.

For more information, simply click the ‘Booking Policy’ tab at the top of this page.


Thank you for your interest in our services.


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