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Soul Alignment session (1 hour)

Soul Alignment session (1 hour)

The Soul Alignment (energy healing) session will be facilitated remotely, so you can enjoy this experience, in the comfort of your own home.


This session aims to put your entire energy body at the highest frequency range possible for you on the day of your appointment - i.e. the vibrational frequency closest to your Higher Self.


For clients with chronic, serious/life-threatening conditions, please be aware that (in most cases) more than 1 treatment may be necessary. True or permanent healing can only occur at the perfect divine timing for each individual.


And so for people with chronic, serious/life-threatening conditions, we recommend that you purchase our Intensive Healing Program - to accelerate your healing journey.


For your session, please note that you have 2 options to choose from:


1) With a Microsoft Teams appointment. The first 5 minutes will be spent to discuss your healing goals at the start of your appointment. Next, we will spend 45 minutes to channel healing energy your way. And the last 10 minutes will be spent in discussion - healer will share any information gained intuitively during the energy treatment.


2) Without a Microsoft Teams appointment. The entire 60 minutes will be used by healer, to channel healing energy in your direction. For this option, prior to your appointment, you might wish to share your healing goals with healer, as well as your most recent photo (this photo will only be used to better direct the healing energy sent your way).


And then, on the day/at the time of your appointment, simply lie down and relax.

Make an intention to 'open up' and receive the healing energy that will be continuously sent your way for the next 60 minutes. You will receive an email from Adele (approximately between 2 - 24 hours after the completion of your healing session), to share any intuitive information gained during treatment.


Please provide a minimum of 2 dates/times that you prefer for your session (in AEST) that will coincide with our opening hours (subject to our availability). 


Once full payment has been received, we will confirm your appointment date & time via email.


Your payment will fully indicate that you have read, agreed and accepted our Booking Policy.

For more information, simply click the ‘Booking Policy’ tab at the top of this page.


Thank you for your interest in our services.

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