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Light Language Transmission

Light Language Transmission

Light Language works on a multidimensional level & bypasses the constriction often caused by our conscious mind - to bring about a deeper release or healing of any negative programming/condition within our lower bodies.


A Light Language Transmission is in essence, a transference of Light Coded information - energetic information that is needed to achieve your goal, based on Divine Love.


It is a powerful healing tool for lightworkers on the path of Ascension and Spiritual Mastery.


The Light Language healing transmission that you will be receiving, is in the form of: an artwork & audio file (both will be uploaded to our private YouTube channel for easy viewing).


If you wish to to get a general idea about the healing transmission that you will receive, please visit our YouTube channel (scroll down to the bottom of this page, and click on the YouTube symbol there).


For more information about Light Language, you may wish to read: ''Liberate your Soul's Voice" blog that we had posted in June 2021.


Each Light Language transmission will adjust to the resonance of each person’s vibrational needs in the moment: initiating clearing, balancing, activation, and alignment with a higher vibration of Well-being.


Adele will speak, sing, draw, write or channel a unique, Coded Frequency of Light that you need the most in that moment (or, what you had specifically requested for the transmission).


For example, you can request for a transmission that will: assist in finding/aligning your life with your Higher Purpose; help you to meet your Soulmate, eliminate any addiction, or, heal a specific illness/injury/disease, etc.


Two L.L. transmissions that were made for the same purpose (but for 2 different people) will never be the same, because each transmission will be custom-made to suit individual's history/needs & what they are ready to receive.


Each transmission that you will be purchasing here can be used/listened to as often as you wish, until you have achieved the specific goal associated with that transmission.


By the end of each Light Language treatment, many people had reported feeling: relaxed, at peace, happy, energized, empowered, stronger & more in alignment with their Divine Higher Self.


Not only will you receive a clearing/balancing of all your chakras and lower bodies, but you may also receive Activations/Attunements/Downloads of Higher Wisdom needed on your path moving forward.


Please note, this is not an online 1-on-1 session with Adele.


You will receive your custom L.L. digital artwork and audio file via email, minimum 2 days & maximum 7 days from purchase date.


** Please send us a detailed message about the specific purpose of your Light Language Transmission.** 


Your payment will fully indicate that you have read, agreed and accepted our Booking Policy.

For more information, simply click the ‘Booking Policy’ tab at the top of this page.


Thank you for your interest in our services.

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