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Introduction to Light Language Online Course (90 days)

Introduction to Light Language Online Course (90 days)

Awaken your inner healer and liberate your Soul's voice through Light Language.


There are 5 Modules in this online, self-paced course.


Module 1: Overview of Light Language

Module 2: Receiving & Transmitting Light Language

Module 3: Preparing & Making a LL Transmission

Module 4: Overcoming All Barriers to Light Language

Module 5: Introduction to Advanced Application of Light Language


By the completion of this course, you will have:


1) gained a deeper understanding of Light Language. e.g. what is Light Language, the different varieties of Light Language, who can make a Light Language transmission, who can benefit from it, the pros & cons of Light Language, and its effectiveness.


2) been given the tools, information or support you need, in order to: activate your innate Light Language ability, work through any blocks/challenges in order to feel confident about your Light Language skills, and start using Light Language regularly for your own spiritual growth.


Unlike our previous Light Language Practitioner Level course, your competency/proficiency in Light Language will not be assessed at the end of this course.

And thus, you will not be receiving a Certificate of Proficiency after completing this online course.


All course materials will be emailed to you.

Access to all course videos will cease in exactly 90 days from the date that we send you the learning materials.


You will receive your learning materials usually within 24 - 48  hours from purchase date.


Please note, this is a self-paced, non-guided online course.


There is no online meeting with Adele to discuss course contents.

If you wish to have a 1-on-1 Light Language Q & A/practice session, please purchase our 1-hr channeled reading (Soul Connection) session. 


Please carefully read our Booking Policy prior to purchasing this online course.


Thank you for your interest in our services.

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