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Channeled Reading

What is a Channeled Reading?


This is also known as an Angel Reading.


The session starts off by asking your Divine I AM Presence (Higher Self) and your spirit team of angels, guides and/or Ascended Masters, to be present in the room - to provide answers, guidance or solutions.


The angels who are present in the room are usually your 2 primary Guardian Angels and any other Angels who can assist with answering your enquiries.

The purpose of the reading is usually to help you get in touch with solutions to any issues you may be facing right now, as well as to assure you that you are never alone.


You always have a team of angels standing by ready to assist you in all things, big or small. Your angels are not allowed to interfere unless you specifically ask them for help or give them permission to help you, so never hesitate - ask often as you'd like! They are always available, and able to assist everyone who ask for help simultaneously.

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During the session, your angels will provide clear, loving messages, complete with everything that is needed to resolve your most pressing concerns, answer your questions and equip you for the journey ahead.


Like anything in life, please use your own intuition, good judgment and discernment when deciding whether or not to follow the advice that has been given to you.


Just remember that although the advice that your angels give you is usually the Highest way for solving a particular issue, you are under no obligation to follow their advice, should you wish to follow your own route.


God has given us all the free will to exercise the powers of creation to create our lives just the way we have intended.

However, that being said, heeding to angelic advice often means that your paths will be less arduous and more straight-forward; you will be able to arrive at your desired destinations more quickly and easily.

All channeled reading appointments will be done in a 'spiritual counselling' format, similar to an angel therapy counselling session.

This will be quite different to the normal, run of the mill, psychic reading sessions.


Book for a session if/when you feel ready, motivated and committed to changing your life.


All online readings are recorded - a link to your video recording will be emailed within 48 hours of your reading session. 

Angels of God, my Guardians dear,

To whom His love commits me here.

Ever this day (or night) be at my side.

To light and guard.

To advise and guide.  Amen.

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