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Pellowah - Q & A

What is Pellowah?


'Pellowah' is an Angelic word that means ‘a radical shift in consciousness’, however the healing does not come from the angelic realm, it comes straight from Source. The Pellowah Healing Technique was first channeled through a gifted lady called Kachina Ma'an in 2003, who had since then travelled extensively to teach a lot of people this wonderful healing modality.


Pellowah will help you take charge of your own life and increase your capacity for a positive, permanent change. It uses an extremely high vibrational energy frequency, that activates & reconnects all of your 12 strands of DNA, which in turn reconnects you to your Highest Potential. People are usually drawn to Pellowah when the timing is right for them to move forward in their lives.


The Pellowah Practitioner is a vessel for the transference of energy to facilitate your healing and therefore has no personal opinion into the experience that you have during treatment.

What are the benefits of a Pellowah treatment?

1) Pellowah can help treat physical conditions/illnesses that have a deep, underlying emotional cause. It can help you make a very rapid progress towards a healthier and happier new you. It gives you profound results on physical and emotional healing.


2) Pellowah is often used as a tool for enlightenment. After several Pellowah sessions people generally find that they are able to connect with their Higher Self more easily, thereby accessing an infinite amount of Divine knowledge and wisdom which they can use to reach their Highest Potential in this lifetime.


3) When people with busy minds come to receive this treatment, they will often receive clarity and find the answer/solution to the question/problem that they have been searching for. People who are going through a time of massive upheavals in their lives, or standing at a crossroad trying to make important decisions that will change the entire course of their lives, will find Pellowah extremely valuable for reaching the most favourable outcome.


4) Pellowah is highly beneficial for those who have been suffering from chronic depression, anxiety or lack of direction/purpose in their lives. After treatments, these people will feel completely inspired, empowered and renewed; living their lives more fully and with a greater sense of self-confidence and peace.  

What can you expect during the actual treatment?


Each person's Pellowah treatment is unique to that person's needs. No two treatments are exactly the same. You will be lying down on a massage table, fully clothed for a treatment that generally lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour. Pellowah requires a peaceful environment, thus no music will be played during the course of the treatment.


Unlike a Reiki treatment that may involve hands lightly touching your body in a series of set positions, Pellowah is a completely  'hands-off' energy healing modality. During the treatment, the Pellowah Practitioner will be directed to move her hands over and around your physical body, in a series of what seems like unusual and random hand movements. She will be walking around the energetic field of your physical body performing the random hand movements as intuitively guided by the Pellowah energy.

So during treatment, just relax, close your eyes, and believe that Pellowah will positively transform you completely.

What happens after a Pellowah treatment?


Many other forms of energy healing produce positive feelings that may last between 1 day to 1 week. Pellowah on the other hand, provides a feeling of well-being that seems to be ongoing, long lasting and it actually gets stronger as time goes by. This is because healing occurs from the inside out - the light in every cell of your being has been activated by Pellowah causing the 'new you' to come out of the old shell and shine brightly for the whole world to see.


It is strongly advised that no other forms of healing should take place for 24 hours after a Pellowah treatment e.g. a massage, reflexology, etc. If you receive other treatments before the Pellowah energy has had a chance to settle in your energetic field & physical body, the Pellowah energy will stop flowing and this may then reduce its effectiveness.

Drinking a lot of water in the few days following the treatment will enhance the changes going on within your body.


The Practitioner will be available for you 24 hours after the healing session to discuss the effects of Pellowah if needs be.

Who can have a Pellowah treatment?


Anyone who is instinctively guided to find a Pellowah Practitioner. This usually means they are then ready to move forward and change their lives for the better.


To obtain the full benefits of your Pellowah treatment, you should not be receiving any other forms of healing (for 24 before and after the treatment), nor consume any alcohol or take recreational drugs.


Prescribed medications are acceptable as they will not interfere with your treatment.

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