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Reiki  - Q & A

What is Reiki?


The word 'Reiki' is made up of two Japanese words 'Rei' - which means Higher Power/Spiritual and 'Ki' - that means 'Life force energy'. It is a holistic healing system that channels 'spiritual energy' to balance the mind, body and spirit and promote well-being.

Reiki is not religious; it is completely non-denominational.


It is an energy healing system and not a manipulative system (hands moving the body, e.g. a massage). Reiki's energy is gentle, totally safe and highly intelligent. A practitioner is often intuitively guided (drawn like a magnet) to move her hands into just the right areas on the body where it's needed.


Anyone from all walks of life can benefit from this wonderful healing modality. Children, expectant mothers, the elderly, animals and plants in your garden, and even inanimate objects such as your electrical equipments will greatly benefit from the wonderful life-force, energy boost that is Reiki.

What are the benefits of a Reiki treatment?


1) If you are suffering from a physical illness, Reiki can help to relieve the pain, enhance your body's natural healing abilities and thus in turn reduce recovery time.


2) It can heal any emotional suffering by helping you release stuck/buried tension or any unhealthy, repressed feelings that, over time if left unresolved, may cause physical illness. After the release of any old, negative energy that was within your energy field, Reiki will then give you a dose of unconditional love that brings back a sense of connection & wholeness.


3) Reiki can also help you move forward when you are feeling stuck, lost or confused. It can give you clarity, insight, inspiration or solution to any life problems you may be facing right now.


4) Reiki balances your entire physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies and energy centers (chakras). This balancing act then induces utter bliss and relaxation.

What can you expect during the actual treatment?


Each person's Reiki treatment is tailor-made to perfectly suit their healing needs. No two treatments

can be exactly the same. You will be lying down on a massage table fully clothed, probably listening to serene, calming music. The practitioner will then place her hands in a series of positions gently & lightly on your body, or hover her hands just right above your body.


Due to the amount of energy being channelled to you during treatment, you may experience some or all of these: stomach rumbling, goose bumps, warmth, chills, energy sparks, or, you may even fall asleep. Some people may not feel anything at all, and that is all right. Rest assured that even though Reiki energy can be quite subtle, it works in exactly the same way irrespective of how the recipient feels during the course of her treatment.

What happens after a Reiki treatment?


People who are healthy in general: physically, emotionally and spiritually, and have gone for a Reiki treatment simply to maintain their health/wellbeing, then afterwards, they will simply feel de-stressed, balanced, relaxed, highly energised and incredibly vital.

And those who have sought out Reiki to treat a variety of both physical, emotional or spiritual pains, will experience some of the above amazing benefits to a certain degree. However, sometimes, depending on the underlying issues of the condition that they want treated and whether they are truly ready to move forward & be healed, they may have to go through a certain phase called 'a healing crisis' a few days after the treatment is over. This is definitely a good thing!


A healing crisis is the body's way of cleaning itself of any energetic toxins; all energetic 'dirt & debris' that has previously been deeply imbedded in the cells of that person's body. This cleansing process may get uncomfortable and any reactions that may be felt during this process are adjustments by the body to keep itself functioning at a high level. Some examples of healing crisis symptoms include: feeling extra vulnerable/sad, mental irritability, restless dreams, general fatigue or pains and aches, such as headaches, low back pain, joint pain, etc. The healing crisis may last between 30 minutes to a few days. The healthier your general condition, the fewer symptoms there will be. The more the body has to clean up, the stronger and/or the longer will be the uncomfortable reactions.


However, the best news is that: each healing crisis is followed by increased vitality and a greater feeling of well-being. People who have gone through a healing crisis will usually feel immensely relieved - like a huge boulder has finally been lifted off of their shoulders. Their overall health & well-being will then easily improve, because they have cleansed themselves years of built-up negativity that has been clogging up their energetic systems.

Reiki for Pets

Animals are very sensitive to energies which explains how your pets can sense what you are feeling easily. Due to their sensitive natures, animals love Reiki's gentle, loving energy and respond well to its treatment. Reiki balances people's physical, mental and emotional states of being and brings about relaxation; Reiki does exactly the same to your beloved pets.


Reiki is recommended for treating pain, speeding up recovery after illness/injury, and treating anxiety and behavioural problems. For animals that never received a Reiki treatment before, it may take 5-10 mins for them to get used to the higher frequency vibration that is Reiki. But after this initial stage, the rest of the session will be very calming and most of the time your pets will be fast asleep by the end of the treatment.


And to improve the relationship between you and your pets (especially if your pets have had a history of behavioural  problems), you can ask them any questions you'd like during the session and Adele will then pass on their answers to you.


Reiki for Pets will only be conducted in an environment where your pets are already comfortable - your home. Contact Adele to check if your location is ideal for a home visit.


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