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Distance Healing 

Reiki/Pellowah/ARH Sessions Only.
(Access Bars sessions must be facilitated in-person)

Is there a difference between receiving a Healing session in person Vs. from a distance away from the Practitioner?


Science has proven that every thing is made up of energy. The energy that made up the building blocks of a tree, a dog, a fridge, is exactly the same as the one in each cell of our bodies. So if all of us, including every rock & pebble, the fire, water and air, is energy, then what separates the energy field of a rock from our physical body's energy field when we are holding it in our hand? The answer is nothing.


Energetically, there is no separation between all matter. Separation is an optical illusion.

Since we are all one, time space or distance is not an issue in the course of an energy healing treatment. Divine Light Energy knows no boundaries. It can be sent to anyone and anything, anywhere across the world. It can even be sent to an event in your past that needs to be healed.


With a Distance Healing, you can receive the benefits of Reiki, Pellowah or ARH without stopping what you are doing or having to go anywhere. You can do it all in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, it is highly recommended for you to be lying in bed, during the agreed session time, and by doing so enhances the entire healing process by relaxing and keeping your body/mind as calm as possible.


But, no, there is absolutely no difference between receiving an energy healing session at the Practitioner's premises or in the comfort of your own home.

A Distance Healing session is just as effective as a Healing session received in person. 

How is a distance healing session conducted?


Once the session starts, the Energy Healing Practitioner will connect with you and start to channel healing energies to you. She will be acting exactly as if you are actually lying down on a treatment table in front of her.

At the end of the 1 hr session, you will reconnect with her in ZOOM.


You will be spending a further 15 mins to discuss any concerns you may have about the healing session you just had; or to share your experience for feedback purposes.


How do I make a distance healing booking?

Bookings are available for the times listed below. Our online calendar is set to Melbourne, Australia time zone.

We will start the session with a 15 mins 'Meet & Greet' via ZOOM Conferencing App that you will need to download prior.


During this time, we will discuss your healing goals and the current life challenges you are facing. And based on our discussion, a recommendation will be provided as to the most suitable healing modality for you.


1) Go to the 'Services' tab on top of this page and click the 'Book Now' green button for Distance Healing.


2) If you are not based in Canberra/Sydney/Melbourne (Australia), please use this Time Zone Converter, and convert your preferred booking time/date to Melbourne, Australia.


3) Select time and date on the booking calendar, based on both of our availability. 

4) Please fill out your details, and then click 'Pay Now', You will be instantly directed to SQUARE to complete payment.


5) Once payment is received, you will receive a detailed email containing what you need to do to prepare for your Healing session.


A minimum of 48 hours' notice is required between initial booking and your preferred appointment.

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