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A Whole New Me - Q & A

What is the 'A Whole New Me' program?


This is the most comprehensive energy healing program that is designed to bring you back to wellness. It is ideal for people who need a lot of help in healing long-term/chronic dis-eases of any kind (i.e. all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual imbalances).


People who are recovering from, or about to undergo a major surgery; those who are experiencing major life changes in their personal lives (such as a breakup/divorce/bankruptcy); or those who have recently experienced a trauma of any kind, will greatly benefit from joining this program.


This program will help you to deeply examine your 'current' truths/belief systems which are causing you to experience so many challenges in your life. All will be laid open for you to face so you can finally let them go and move to a happier, healthier you.


Prior to deciding whether this program is ideal for you, please first be sure of what you want healed and whether complete healing is truly what you want. You need to be completely ready and 100% willing and committed to be healed.

How does the program work?


'A Whole New Me' will start off with a 1-hr Angel Reading session. During the session, Archangel Raphael (Supreme Healer in the Angelic Realm) will check your healing readiness level and confirm what you wish to be healed from and the level of healing that you wish to receive.


He will arrange your 9 x 1-hr energy healing sessions in such a way that you will get the most benefit from them all. Each healing session will usually be spaced a week apart.


In life, you will learn more if you listen to your teacher's advice and teachings. If you get sick and go to the doctor, you follow his instructions and get the medications he prescribes so you will get better sooner.


Likewise, you will only get the best healing results if you follow Archangel Raphael's advice and instructions very closely during these 9 weeks period of intense healing. Do the best you can and have faith that God can and will heal you, only if you allow Him to. So, please just let go and let God.

What can happen during the 9 weeks healing period?


All chronic dis-eases are created after living through a prolonged period of stress, or a period of constant negativity in your day to day living. So in these 9 weeks, it is strongly advised for you to take as much time off (from work/family commitments) as you possibly can, especially during the days when your healing sessions are to be conducted.


Talk to your family and close friends and tell them what you are planning to do, so that they can help you as much they can, by making your life during this period, as calm and stress-free as possible.


Your body will receive intense healing energies during the sessions and this needs to be balanced by drinking a lot of water for a few days after the treatment. Occasionally eating quality dark chocolates with a high cocoa content (70% or more) is usually helpful to reduce the possible side effects that may present themselves in this period (i.e. only if you are allowed to have chocolates by your doctor).



True healing comes from within when you are ready and willing to let go and change.

Due to the serious nature of the healing project we are undertaking, you may at some point during the course of the 9-week program, experience what is called a 'Healing Crisis'. A healing crisis is a very real opportunity for you to transmute anything negative into positive.


If you are experiencing this, do not panic and whatever you do, please do not think of giving up, because now you actually know that the healing process that's been started is really working. It is proof that your body is trying to rid itself of any energy blocks and toxins that has been with weighing you down.


To give you an analogy, say your body is like a clear glass filled with muddy water. Before the healing process starts, the glass looks as if divided into two sections, the mud that is settling at the bottom and the clear water right above it. When the healing process starts, it is as if someone is shaking the glass and turning its contents upside down, in order to get rid of the mud. The same thing happens to your body as soon as major healing works are conducted.


At times you may feel some discomfort and highly emotional. You may end up crying suddenly for no reason, or, old memories can pop up suddenly taking you back to a time in the past where you had been hurt before. Sometime when these memories (which had been deeply suppressed all of your life) resurface, you may experience strong reactions such as feeling extremely sick, vomiting, coughing, with moments of hysteria. The best thing to do when this happens is to make sure you get a lot of privacy, let it all out and surrender to the entire healing process.


I had personally gone through my personal healing crisis moment when I was taking my Reiki Master course. My stomach was feeling like it was being painfully twisted in knots and I didn't have an appetite to go out to lunch together with the other participants. When they left me alone in the school during lunch time, I spent most of that time crying and bawling my eyes out in the toilet; feeling so sick that I immediately called my teacher to ask whether I could go home. He advised that these kind of strong reactions usually pass on after 20 minutes, so I should just give it some time for all the negative emotions that had been shaken up (cue: the glass with the muddy water analogy) to be released from my physical body and energetic field. If a healing crisis also happens to you, please trust me, you will soon be feeling better than you had in years! And that is a definite success in itself!

“Go your way; and as you have believed, so let it be done for you.”

                      - Jesus -

Is complete healing guaranteed after the 9 weeks period is over?


No, it is not guaranteed. It's just like when you are about to undergo a medical surgery. Is there a surgeon out there who would provide his patients with an absolute guarantee that his surgery will have a successful outcome? You would be very hard-pressed to find a surgeon who would.


A healer can help you heal only up to a certain extent, after which it is up to the healee/patient to do the rest of the work. You need to directly participate in the healing process: in every moment of every single day of those 9 weeks.

And by that, I mean that you need to hold positive thoughts about yourself, your health and your body. You need to laugh out loud a lot and not put yourself in any kind of stressful situations where you can not relax nor be yourself. You need to start eating right by consuming plenty of organic fresh produce and drinking a lot of fresh filtered water.


You are also advised to go out on nature walks and spend quality time amongst the trees as often as possible, when the weather permits,  since no other activity is more healing than communing with nature. Meditating in your local park every day and walking barefoot on grass are guaranteed to bring peace into your daily life and recharge your energetic batteries. You also need to frequently  visualise/imagine yourself as having a healthy body.


If you do a lot of these things, then by the end of the 9 weeks, your life and health will be completely transformed beyond your wildest dreams.

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