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At Raphael's Healing Space, we deeply recognise that: you were born with limitless potential, and, you are a powerful Light Being having a human experience. 


Physical life on a dense, 3D planet such as Earth however can create great imbalances/stressors on your mental, physical, emotional & spiritual bodies. And if the negativity; the false beliefs or limiting programming that you had accumulated throughout your life are not regularly removed from your lower bodies/consciousness/energy field, eventually they will hinder you from having the kind of joyful, abundant life that you deserve.


The energy healing treatments that we offer, such as Reiki, Pellowah and ARH, will work on all levels of your bodies. These high-vibrational healing energy will work to bring about: greater balance, pain relief, 5D DNA activation and repairs, as well as reconnect you to the innate ability/wisdom within yourself so you can heal yourself/your life from any limiting condition.


Our channeled reading sessions will reconnect you with your Higher Self and Spirit Team (your Guardian Angels & Guides) so you can gain their loving words of advice and support. We will also assist in activating your innate channeling ability, so that you can connect with the Divine directly!


We are fully dedicated in helping you move forward in life, heal an illness, heal any physical or emotional wound, as well as reveal your hidden potential and inner beauty for the world to see.

Discover the transformational benefits of all our services.



Mission & Vision


Our primary missions are: to share empowering, healing messages of love from the Divine, and, to assist many ascending souls to remember who they really are, why they are here & how to fully embody their Divine I AM Presence in this incarnation.

Our visions are: to transcend all 3D limitations & programming and enjoy Full Freedom of Self. To daily walk the Ascension journey with complete trust & faith, and successfully become the 'I AM that I AM'. Adele is passionate about assisting ascending souls, in mastering: Life & Source Energy - by becoming as ONE with their Higher Self. Spiritual Mastery is our sacred goal.


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NEW Light Language Video

''Embodying Christ Consciousness'' 

is now available.

- 14 June 2024 -

This video (like all other videos on this site) is available to all Intermediate & VIP Access Plans subscribers.


For more information on how to become an Access Plan subscriber, simply click on the link below. 


''The Parable of The Candle & The Sun''  
A message by Higher Self.
 - 12 November 2023 -


This is a free-to-read channeled message for ALL.


If you had read this particular post in our social media pages recently, this new version posted here on this site, is a slightly longer version. As usual, it's been created following the guidance coming from within. 


Happy reading!

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