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A Parable of The Candle & The Sun ~ by the Higher Self (12 November 2023).

Once upon a time, a man asked his Higher Self the following questions.

Man: Beloved I AM, am I the Candle, or the Sun?

Higher Self: Which one do you wish to be?

Man: Whichever is THE TRUTH.

Higher Self: You were born as the Sun. Everyone & everything in your world, was born/created, with the Great Flame of the Divine within them. There are NO exceptions.

Man: Why did I, for so long, believe myself to be the Candle? With only a small light - one that could be easily snuffed out by ''a breeze of air'' coming from the people or world around me?

Higher Self: During the time when you believed yourself to be a candle, you were on a journey of Inner Self-Discovery. And after all of your trials & tribulations; after everything that you'd been through, you now know (beyond the shadow of a doubt) & have experienced yourself as The Sun; as the Mighty God-Flame I AM -- one that lights up the world with your presence alone.

Man: All of those trials & tribulations, were you testing me?

Higher Self: Any Ascended Master, any Archangel, any Spiritual Leader/Guru/Guide/Teacher, could tell you that you are God; you are the Light of the World, until they all turned ''blue in the face'', and you would still have great difficulty in accepting that Truth.

To a lot of people out there, God is still 'High Above & External' to them, rather than within themselves &

within everything.

Higher Truths oftentimes need to be experienced, before you can live by & stand for them.

Your Sacred Quest; your Inner Journey to finding AND living that Truth - this is what Ascension is all about.

Man: And now that I know myself as The Sun; as the Divine I AM Presence, what's next?

Higher Self: Simply BE your Self - wherever you are. That's enough.

The radiance of Our Light will naturally activate the Divine Light within the Hearts of ALL around you.

And that'll be the starting point of their own journey, back to the Truth of Who-They-Are, and to (one day)

living by/embodying that Truth.

Man: I have changed so much & so drastically in the last decade alone - during my greater spiritual awakening & purification life phase.

There were times when I'd felt as though I no longer knew myself as well as I did before.

I sometimes don't know what I like now; what I really want to do now; what I truly want in life/out of life now - because everything that used to define the old me (i.e. defined the person that I was before my awakening), no longer applies to the NEW me of right NOW.

Many of what used to be a favorite: habit, thing, activity, goal, dream, food, music, etc. no longer interests the person that I AM today.

Higher Self: This is perfectly normal, beloved.

First & foremost, you can start by being patient.

Be patient with yourself, AND, with the people around you - you/they will need time, to adjust & get to know, this new, higher dimensional, version of you.

There might even be a short 'grieving', resting, recuperation or adjustment period just like the one that normally occurs, once someone has made any major life shift (e.g. moving from a place/location where one had been living in for a long time to a brand-new place/location, or, moving from a married life back to a single life).

Letting go of all attachments to your past & to your old-versions-of-self, is oftentimes not a simple/easy task that can be done within a day, a week, a month or even a year.

The time needed for one to process all of the emotions that may arise out of this ''detachment from the old'', will of course be very different for every individual.

Between the OLD & the NEW, there is ''a space'' called the transition phase.

You can perhaps liken being in this phase to being in a ''wormhole'', after you'd recently entered ''The Portal'' that will undoubtedly take you, from your previous timeline/physical reality, to a brand-new, higher vibrational timeline/physical reality.

During this particular phase, sometimes you might experience/manifest a variety of different physical symptoms, e.g. dizziness, vertigo, headaches, or nausea - as your physical body 'works hard' to adjust to its new 5D Operating System (OS).

You might occasionally feel as though you were being ''spun around'' inside this ''wormhole'' - one that would take you to a mysterious, unknown destination.

You might also feel disconcerted, unsettled, or unsure of many things that you used to be sure about.

Relax, beloved, and rest in the knowing that ALL is well.

In the last decade, you had done the magnificent work of changing/upgrading your entire consciousness from 3D to 5D. Although you still have more work to do in the future (evolution never stops), the huge, inner paradigm shift is now complete.

You have successfully ascended, to a higher level of be-ing.

You have now become a 'Light-Being/Cosmic-Being' in a human body, rather than a human-being who is aspiring/working hard to become this 'Light-Being'.

And since I, the Higher Self, have been given complete authority (by you; by your heart-centered obedience, your complete TRUST & surrender) over your Mind-Body-Spirit, you now simply need to allow me to transform every aspect of your life, in magical & wondrous ways.

In other words, during the time when you're in this ''wormhole'' - travelling through time, space/distance - simply allow the Universe to play ''catch-up'' with the powerful inner transformation that had already taken place. As within, so it will be, without.

Man: And exactly how long will this transition phase last for, beloved I AM?

Higher Self: From Our Higher Perspective, the time spent inside this wormhole only lasted a few 'seconds', at most.

One second you were in the old timeline, and then in the blink of an eye, you had permanently shifted the overall energetic frequency of your consciousness, and arrived at the new, higher vibrational timeline/reality.

However, from your human perspective, it might seem as though the journey is taking its own sweet time. Again, this is perfectly normal.

Outwardly, nothing seems to have changed much for you, when in fact, We (your Spirit Team & I) can easily see that EVERYTHING has drastically changed for you, and, for ALL on Earth (especially in the lives of those who are energetically connected to you).

As cliché as the following reminder may be to you, I will still say it here anyway:

From now on, simply live everyday honoring the 'Calling of your Heart', and always anchor yourself in & savor - the present, NOW moment.

You will soon discover that there is no need to overthink, nor worry about what's going to happen to/for you in the future.

Simply allow me to take over completely.

Simply allow the Universe to send you the new: people, tools, experiences/events, and let everything to unfold naturally, by trusting in the Great Love that I AM.

I know you, beloved.

I know your dreams, desires, goals, aspirations.

I know all of your likes & dislikes.

I know what can expand or contract your energy.

I know what comforts you or gives you peace.

I know your heart, as it has now become my very own Heart beating within you.

I know what can make your heart sing with so much joy, and give you the feeling of great fulfillment, love, abundance & freedom.

I know who you were, who you are right now, and who you have the potential to be (one day).

I have made the Divine Blueprint for your life, long before the day of your birth on Earth.

And so, for now, simply rest within my loving embrace, and continue to walk around daily, as the I AM THAT I AM.

Trust that when the time has come for you to take any type of action, you will feel ''THE CALL'' so strongly & be left with zero doubt.

Move forward confidently, with a feeling of victory, and rejoice!

All of your wishes & dreams are about to come true, and they will be manifested in your reality, in even greater amounts than you can imagine.

The time has come for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor, for the magical life that you had ''dared to dream'', has now arrived.

Your world will now become ''A Whole New World'' - a shining, shimmering, splendid place to be in.

With courage & strength, for a long time you have been walking the 'Path of the Sacred Heart', and will now be led to the Garden of Eden; to your own version of 'Heaven on Earth' that is perfect just for you!

Moving forward, you will be abundantly blessed with endless, real-life experiences that will further demonstrate just how deeply loved, cherished & supported you truly are, by us (your Spirit Team & I), by your Earth Mother Gaia & by the Universe.

You will be taken ''Somewhere Over the Rainbow", where all your troubles will soon ''melt like lemon drops'', and all ''clouds'' are now far away behind you.

You will often think to yourself ''What a Wonderful World'' you are living in!

Your physical life on Earth will soon shift/has already shifted, to become the Great Gift that it was always meant to be, rather than a ''punishment'' (like some people out there might think), or a ''task/duty/mission" that you must complete (e.g. assisting the Earth & humanity in their Ascension into 5D).

Be ready, loved one.

Your new life is NOW HERE, and you are blessed -- beyond measure.

Man: I love you & thank you, beloved I AM.

Higher Self: Likewise, dear one. Thank you for your trust; for hanging in there & not giving up.

Blessed are those who have come to know and experience themselves as ''The Light of, God/Source/

the Divine, That Never Fails" - they have found The Magical Key, that will unlock the door to the Kingdom of Heaven within.

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.


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