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A Loving Invitation For All - The Karmic Board via Adele Arini (18 December 2019)

We greet you, beloved light-worker and chela, with hearts full of love, joy and peace.

As the new year is fast approaching, it is time for those of you here who are ready and willing, to joyfully commit and surrender yourself completely to your life mission and greater calling.

This is an open invitation meant only for those who are sincere and ready to commit your life every day to manifesting your higher goals; your own divine plan for this lifetime.

Some of you here may already be aware that twice a year, in the months of December & June, Ascended Masters who are part of the Great White Brotherhood meet at the Royal Teton Retreat in Wyoming, USA, to discuss and decide whether to grant all submitted petitions. This month’s meeting will be applicable for the next 6 months period between December 20th, 2019 to June 20th, 2020.

It is time to put your creative thinking hat on, loved ones, and write your petition within the next few days, only if you are feeling strongly guided to do so.

As always, simply follow your intuition; your heart, with what to write.

Keep your petition-writing simple, respectful and informal - imbued with all of your love, sincerity and gratitude.

The following are the steps:

1) Decide and write all of your most important goals; your requests for the first half of 2020.

2) For every single goal/request written in the petition, declare your commitment by way of an action plan. Be realistic and follow your instincts. Only commit to what you can commit, to prevent over-extending yourself. We want you to feel happy when keeping the promises that you’ll be making to God/to your Higher Self in this petition.

3) Be sure to hand-write the entire petition on a piece of paper with ink.

Once completed, the next step will be to sign and date it. All petitions must be submitted by Friday December 20th, 2019.

4) Go into a short meditation. Call upon any Archangel/Ascended Master to ensure your petition is received by Keeper of the Scrolls at the Royal Teton Retreat. Visualise you and the Archangel/Ascended Master travelling together to the retreat and personally meeting the Light-Being in charge of receiving your petitions.

5) If/when the time is right, simply follow your inner guidance and burn your petition in a safe, fire-proof container. Divine timing for this may come immediately for some people, or much later, (e.g. at end of the year) for others.

6) After submitting your petition, you need to simply commit to your own action plans every day. The time for taking actions and creating a forward momentum has now arrived! After entering the second powerful 3:3:3 portal on December 21st 2019, you will find it so easy and joyful to stick to your plans.

Beware, loved ones, that we take your petitions and the action plans, agreements, or promises written in them very seriously.

Remember what We had said many times before through Adele and many of Our messengers. Your words and actions define who you are.

Every word you write & speak, every thought you think, every feeling you radiate, and every action you take (or not take) will have a powerful, reverberating effect on your lower bodies, consciousness and life (i.e. your physical reality).

Be mindful of this, if/when you decide to submit a petition. This petition can powerfully accelerate the manifestation of all your personal, spiritual, or life goals.

After all, the petition will be written by you and ultimately for your own benefit.

No one within Heaven’s Hierarchy is forcing or pressuring you to write this petition. And thus, write only if you are sure, ready and willing to commit to making positive changes in your life.

We are ready to help and assist all of you here, in what you wish to create & manifest in 2020, but in order to do so, your cooperation is required.

This will truly be a powerful collaboration between you and Spirit.

Every day, always stick to your written commitments to create lasting positive changes, and then in the next 6 months, simply observe how every aspect of your life (addressed in the petition) will be transformed in amazing, often-magical ways!

With all Our love and devotion,

Your I AM Presence & Members of The Karmic Board.

All rights reserved - Raphael's Healing Space. Copyright from 2018 to the present.


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